Help with hard drive cooling in P180 case...

So I have 2 37gb raptors and a 500gb seagate drive in the lower chamber of the p180 case. I cannot fit the fan that came with the case in between the PSU and the hard drives (PC power and cooling PSU too long). What other cooling options do I have? Do hard drive coolers really work well? If so, which one?
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  1. These work well if you can fit them on to the HD and into the HD cage. An overall good airflow in your case helps too.
  2. the upper drive cage can only support 2 hard drives. move the raptors here. leave the 500gb seagate in the lower chamber and screw cooling it. its a 500gb drive, screaming performance and heat generation arent exactly qualities that it boasts.

    in fact, even if it did put off a very high volume of heat, passively cooling it should be enough anyway. the fan in the PS in the lower chamber would be moving air around a bit... but who cares? if you've read google's recently delivered white paper on enterprise-storage, you would have seen that years of real-world data and analysis on temperatures and drive failure don't exactly go hand in hand. patterned drive failure is more likely due to the drive's media defects or electrical problems. heat = drive failure is a huge joke.

    as a general reminder, not ever piece of hardware ever made needs a fan to cool it. don't waste your money.
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