D-Link WUA 2340 HELP!

hi guys. I'm relatively new to network issues. recently i purchased a new d-link wireless router, not sure of model since it has given me no problems on the computer connected directly via ethernet, or the laptop i have with a network card. My desktop, the computer I use for torrenting/ downloads in general is the one that crashes every time i try to download now.

It must be something that has happened very recently though, because for a while i could torrent using bittornado and dl anything at quick speeds with no issues. The card, a WUA 2340 is connected via a usb hub (2.0 capable but my pci card is only 1.1 compatible, soon to be changed), to my computer tower in the back. Like i said, for a while there were no problems. I think the problems began to start happening after I did a Windows update. Something must've happened, because I checked the network configuration and settings and windows defaulted a few things back to what I didn't want them to be. For example it excluded certain things from my firewall, and changed what program could configure my networks back to the windows default instead of the d-link connection wizard.

So basically when i dl something (namely a BF2 mod is the first instance of dl'ing issues I've had with this new network hardware) it will work at optimal speeds that my network is capable of for a randomly alotted time. Meaning every time the network fails after a different duration of time. E.g. it would fail at 10, 13, 15% and most recently i got it to 50% before the network crashed, though it was downloading at reduced speeds because i had several firewalls up. I've tried downloading multiple items, rar files, zips, etc. but it always crashes. Also, I have tried using a million different network configurations: no firewall, firewall with exceptions, changed ports from tcp to udp and back. added more ports for my computer to dl from when firewalled. Cleaned up extranneaous ports no longer being used. Updated the network cards drivers, then tried rolling back again. Uninstalling then reinstalling. Every time the NETWORK worked fine but when i tried to download anything it would eventually time out. The ridiculous thing is that my computer would no longer recognize the card being plugged in, but the card would still flash periodically to signal that it was connected. If i took the card out and put it right back in, the computer would automatically reconnect to the network. Remember, I was having no problems for quite some time, a bit over a week. It was great, but then I think it was the Windows Update that changed things around. For example, my Windows Media Player was set to share files with my Xbox 360 which is connected via ethernet to the router while my computer has the D-link card. On my previous hardware, a Netgear router and netgear card for my computer (same cable for 360), this worked fine for months. But in the new network it hasn't worked yet, at least not completely. Now some of the files will play on the 360, but others will refuse to play, saying the 360 can't decode the files. Maybe they got converted to a different extension (from mp3 to wav or avi?) but that would only be within the program, the actual files didn't change at least i don't THINK.

HERES THE BIG THING. I just got a new external harddrive. A workbook 500g. It has been fine. But i converted my entire music and media library to this new hardrive. I'm wondering if the fact that alot of my stuff is now on this new harddrive could be the problem for the 360. But sorry for the digression. Back to the network, it is related to the new hdd. Windows media integrates itself into your network configurations when you share media wirelessly. So if windows media got messed up when i transferred my files from my internal to my external hdd, the network might have been messed up. Also, in the process of trying to fix the media sharing issue, I did a WHOLE LOT of tweaking as stated before: port opening/closening, 1 million firewall reconfigurations, driver updates/ rollbacks, windows network configurations redone.

Another issue to consider is that the wireless network connection on my desktop WAS called "wireless connection 2" before the windows update, and now it is called "wireless connection 3". For some reason my windows automatically has the option for me to set up a LAN connection, even though I have no ethernet cable connected to this computer. And it won't let me delete the option.

the network signal is %60+ so it's definitely not that the signal is so weak that it eventually dies and when i check to see how much of my network signal is being used during even major downloads on hi-speed servers, it never really goes past 30-40%.

another random thought is that sometimes when the connection is windows firewalled ( i don't have any virus protection software/ other firewalls running, just some adware/ spyware deleters) sometimes network connections shows the "wireless connection 3 icon" and an "internet connection" icon. the wireless connection one talks about the d-link adapter being used and allows me to configure it, as well as programs that can be used on the network, such as online video games. The "internet connection" one allows me to pick and choose between basic DSP such as FTP forwarding, HTTP, RTTP, UDP, and adding/ deleting ports, (even though I can do that in my "wireless connection 3 settings as well")

as a note im running a Dell Dimension 8200 w/ Nvidia Geforce 6800 fx 128mb, 1.5g RDRAM, 2.6ghz P4 processor.

so is it possible that a windows update rollback or a further update, or a new pci card could fix the problem with the network. The network does work for browsing but when i try to dl anything it fails after a little while and is no longer recognized by the computer. Every time i run diagnostics it says everything is installed correctly and i have reinstalled / reupdated several times.

i'm not home right now and won't be able to access the computer immediately. so if you guys have any ideas on this vexing issue, it would be awesome. I'm really sorry everything is so jumbled and disorderly but i'm not really sure how to organize a network screw-up.

seriously anyone who can provide feedback is amazing.
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  1. nobody D:
  2. hello,
    I have a similar issue with a wireless adapter WUA 2340 provided by the company D-Link. I bought the adapter about 18 months ago after loosing my previous adapter. I've always had connection problems with wireless devices - they always seem to fail for any numerous amount of reasons. However, This particular adapter fails more often than I prefer. Yet, even more recently, I have discovered D-Link's newest driver for WUA 2340 - version 1.5 and found it to be very buggy for my computer. After installing the newer version my connection would fail - trying to view explorer pages or download something causes more connection failures.

    I found a simple solution - I had re-installed my original provided adapter drivers from the installation disc. They work with a signifcant deemphasis of connection failure. I'm not sure if this will help you and or if your neworking problems have been solved but I hope it helps.

    The adapter is D-Link WUA - 2340 (USB)
    The installed driver version from the disc is 1.30 B
    My current OS - Windows XP Home edition Service pack 3
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