How can I recover her XP serial key...

My sister had problems with her hard disk (running XP Pro) - it wouldn't boot, so I copied ALL the contents contents from her hard disk onto a folder on my hard disk (which I am running XP Pro on as well) and then formatted her disk.

However, we have lost her CD Key, and the only place it will be is in my computer where I have copied all her stuff. We obviously need it to reinstall her copy of XP on her computer.

I have tried the little crack programs online where they show you your cd key however these only end up displaying my CD key (because I boot from my copy) not hers.

Does anyone know where in her hard disk I can find her CD key?

Many thanks,

Yannis :)
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  1. Reinstall the OS on your sisters comp and call the fine folks in Redmond, WA and get a new key. Should be no problem.. Just make sure that you have a legitimate copy of windows. If not, then good luck finding a crack.

  2. no need to do the hassle by calling customer support, they're worthless and you wouldn't get anything out of them nowadays. To solve your problem just get a program called sisoftware sandra and there's a free version which it display all the things you'll ever need plus of course the serial key for your curent version of window.
  3. While Sandra may work, get a program called Magical Jellybean. Zero footprint, tiny file, no need to install, and is virtually instant in producing its result. You can get it free at .
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