BEST PSU 4 SFF small 6" module thermal take sff

Please help me pick a psu for a SFF pc with the thermaltake case:

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Well i was going to use my favorite silverstone psu but its too long - 7"'s deep.

Plus its got a modular atx that butts into the dvd in the new sff from thermaltake.

here is my choices:

1 xclio) this looks too deep and there is not specs on ther depth

2) antec neoHE 550 - i like this nice - but its kind of plain for my clear sided ssf gaming rig

3) thermal take its 150mm or 20mm shorter then the silverstone

4) seasonic looks good but its on the high end of cost

i eliminated may good ones due to long or think cables - enermax, or aerocool,

or too large: mushlin silverstone

here is the entire modular list:

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  1. The Corsair HX520W or HX620W, there modular and are the standard "small" size psu. I'm sure it will fit in your SFF case.

    Corsair HX620W

    Expensive on newegg but you can find them cheaper on other sites. Like provantage.

    At Provantage

    Some reason the price isn't showing up. It does say non returnable but i got mine from Provantage in a short 2 days even though i got it shipped regular shipping. Its got a 5 year warranty which is the best you'll get.
  2. for the amp rating and price that is really expensive psu - but looks nice.

    nice cables and its compact.

    thx i might just get one after reading the new egg reviews it looks good!
  3. You'd have few problems if you got your shit together on what is and isn't SFF. That case is a Micro ATX cube, not an SFF cube, and uses a standard power supply so you can simply go by dimensions and choose one that's not longer than standard.
  4. what a loser! sff = also is a generic term for a small pc

    although you technically correct your wrong
  5. thx for the info i order the corsair!
  6. I thought you were mistaken, but now I know you're an idiot. Thanks for straightening me out.

    SFF might be generic for "small form factor" but originally meant Shuttle form factor and is a variation of Flex ATX, not Micro ATX. The Thermaltake case is by no means small, it's actually larger than many Micro ATX towers.

    Unless you want to start calling full-sized 13x13 inch cubes "SFF" as well.

    In response to your PM, I'm used to being kicked around by popular people, I beat them by merely surviving. The fact that I thrive on it proves my strength in overcomming obstacles.

    Would you like to fuss over my bad spelling or lack of using a spellcheck in an informal forum instead?
  7. crashhead <---- jar head?

    wow after i saw jr head i wondered what that phrase meant - in 24 hrs i let u know.

    anyone who' interest is looking for job must be a real pro at dysfunctionality!
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