How do I make a custom resolution on my 8800 GTS


How do I make a custom resolution on my 8800 GTS? I like in the Nvidia control panel and found nothing that could do that

My current driver is (in Vista)

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  1. Download and install the latest version of "PowerStrip" by Entech of Taiwan.

    This is the best video utility ever made, and one of its 12,713 features is the creation of custom resolutions for any video card on the market.

    Also use it to force the refresh rate (No more "Reforce" required) at your chosen resolutions, fix the screen geometry completely, remember icon positions (for when you flip resolutions) and lots of other real good stuff too.

    Then read my dissertation about frame rates, and setting up your PC for gaming goodness.

    Enjoy. :)
  2. 8800 is not supported by Entech Powerstrip

    Their support says that Nvidia doesn't release the necessary info for Entech to program the Power Strip to support it.
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