Do I need more than Zone Alarm, Avast , Adaware, Spybot?

For all the PC's I own/maintain/service I use the free versions of

Zone Alarm
Avast 4 Home
Spybot S&D

And I strongly encourage Firefox/Thunderbird use vs IE and OE.

I also make sure that Automatic Updates is turned off if the user cannot be trusted to manually update.

I choose free versions so I can legally install the software on every PC I work on, and users never pay for the update when their non-free security software expires.


So far the above solutions seem to work pretty good and its been years since anyone's had a serious problem. In fact I haven't had to think much about security in a long time.

So I am just wondering whether I am missing anything

1) Is any additional software I should be running, maybe a rootkit scanner?

2) Are there any other free (for home users) alternatives that I should evaluate.

Again I am mostly interested in free solutions as I want to be able to legally install the same secruity software on all the systems I work on.
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  1. I got really sick and tired of FF.
    It F'ing crashes more than IE.

    Switched to Opera and I think its a great browser now.

    Use Spyware Blaster from Its a very nice anti-spyware program. Doesnt run in the background but provides very decent protection.
  2. Actually I stuck with Mozilla until this month. So far the latest versions of Firefox and Thunderbird hasn't cause me any problems.

    Mozilla only caused problem on my older PC which is on 24x7. When I keep the same instance of mozilla running for more than a day or so it sometimes becomes unresponsive and I have to shutdown the process and restart.

    I do remember having more serious problems with earlier versions of Mozilla, but it was worth it everytime I scanned for viruses and spyware and only find cookies.


    I have only used Opera for testing when I work on web pages, but it seems like a great browser.

    Does Opera have an email client?
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