The local policy of this system does not permit you logon in

Any solution regarding this problem that I face .
My problem is that I can’t logon to my pc (Win Xp) even by Safe Mode
The Massage appear says that (The local policy of this system does not permit you logon interactively).
I have tried the both ways
* logon as an administrator without password . no result
* do the Last Known Configuration and also no result


1- i used to logon by my name under a domain name ,and by a domain administrator account ,
2- also i used to log on by administrator to ( this computer ) .
3- now no one of the three accounts can allow me to log on .
i did to log on to a domain with my user ID, and to this computer with administrator with a Pass word ad still can not logon .
the same MSG appear sys ( The local policy of this system does not permit you logon interactively)..

any one know some thing likehow to rest the Local policy or disable the Local policy with a command or other software..

Any suggestions ??????
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  1. Well, I doubt this guy is still having problems, but just in case someone else stubles upon this, I will shed some light.

    If you connect to a domain (such as at work) it is likely that they are using group policy to configure your computer. many times admins will rescrict who can log into that PC. (note this can also be set locally in the local security settings).

    It seems as though this guy is no longer using that network, nor the user account that was being used. more than likely he could have got in by simply using his domain account and password. this would have let him log in "offline" and get to all of his data. safe mode and last good will not work, as this is a purposeful (is that a word?) action. if you could just get around it, what use would it be? as far as the admin account... maybe you forgot the pw? it is doubtful you were allowed to use a blank password at the time you created it.

    if you see this, it has something to do with local logins being restricted (real common problem with remote desktop stuff as well). get with the IT guy at work before you leave and hopefully he will fix it.
  2. Another point to keep in mind, if you join a domain, your AD policy may be to put new computer accounts in a container that strips logon rights from the machine.
    You must move the computer account into the proper OU to get logon rights back.
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