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My computer is less then 2 months old. I had an error to reinstall Windows 7, put in the disc, followed the directions, and when it was almost done, I got the blue screen of death......it then shut down, and tried to reboot. Now it does nothing but reboot, give me the Windows loading screen and then an error saying that Windows encountered an error during installation and would finish after reboot, hit ok. That loops over and over. I attempted to change the boot sequence to pull from my CD Drive, instead of Hard drive first, however, im sorta computer illiterate, and when I get to the screen to change the order of boot, i do notice the Hard drive has a + next to it, which i take means its selected, and i move the highlighted bar down to the CD Drive and ive tried every key on my keyboard to make it select that and then enter but i just get the looping again.........any suggestions? I'm frustrated lol
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  1. The plus sign beside the hard drive entry simply means there are multiple devices the BIOS has identified under that category. Why your system is not booting from the Windows 7 disk is still a mystery.

    Perhaps you should consider making a bootable 7 install flash drive from your dvd and use that to install from? There are plenty of sites on the net explaining the process. Just make sure the flash drive is 4GB or more, in size.
  2. umm if your OS got corrupted it was corrupted BECAUSE of something

    test your hardware and go from there
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