What is considered normal stock Conroe temps?

Just wondering. After several mounting problems with a Scythe Ninja, I reverted to a stock Intel cooler and was wondering about the average temps.

I'm hitting 27-28C at idle and 56C using DualPrime (Can't get TAT to work right now) according to SpeedFan 4.32. I have not done any tweaking or offsets as I am still unsure of what to offset it to. Are those temperatures 15C low? 10C low?

I want to make sure I'm not accidently frying my chip here :)
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  1. For info regarding proper temps, testing and monitoring, check out the following Sticky:

    Core 2 Duo Temperature Guide

    Hope this helps,

    Comp 8)
  2. I have a E4300, DS3 rev 3.3, Scythe Ninja 1100P.

    My idle and load temps are exactly what your are at. And in my case speedfan seem to be about correct for the temps. Im still waiting for Computronix to reply to another post for comfirmation, but it is looking like TAT is reporting L2 stepping C2D's as 15C too high.
  3. I can't really adjust Speedfan to match anything as TAT and CoreTemp don't want to run. Coretemp spews errors until it is closed via task manager and TAT just refuses to run. Speedfan seems to report a few degrees higher than what is said when I check in the BIOS. Given that I cannot offset to match another program (Everest currently agrees with Speedfan), I'm going to assume it is correct.

    Did a quick look over the guide several times. :) Nicely written.

    Still, does anyone have stock temperatures before they overclocked?
  4. SanjiWatsuki, you may have missed this part in the Guide:


    Vcore = Manual
    C1E / EIST = Disabled
    CPU Fan = Manual, 100%
    Computer Case Fans = Manual 100%
    Primary Test = TAT @ 100% 10 Minutes
    Alternate Test = Orthos @ P9 Small FFT’s 10 Minutes

    ...Orthos Priority 9 Small FFT’s simulates 88% of TAT ~ 5c lower.

    Don't assume anything. It's important to acquire your own Idle and Load temps. Give Orthos a try.

    Hope this helps,

    Comp 8)
  5. Hits the same thing as the time I tried DualPrime95. 56C at load according to Speedfan 4.32. Thusly, I can say that it is ~61C at load under TAT?
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