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So when windows xp starts, how many processes do I really need going if all I am going to do is connect to the web through my router? Is there a decent list anywhere describing what each process actually does?
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  1. Read This.
    Make a system backup.
    Then use This to see what programs and services run at startup.
    And use This to find out if the programs and services listed to run at startup need to run at startup.
  2. Thanks for the response. i will look into it. I Keep my disks pretty cleaned up, i just don't know how to decipher the processes issue. I don't really have a gripe with performance. Mostly just trying to learn. For example why are 5 different versions of svchost running (3 as system, one as network service, one as local service)? I hope to find the answer in the stuff you listed.
  3. if we go to extremes u can browse the net having 0 services started.
    i found out that after a fresh install after i disable the junk services then i
    m left with 24.

    to start with u can disable safely: system restore, computer browser, remote registry, indexing service, automatic updates, help and support.

    u have 5 instances of svchost because it's a generic process wich can handle multiple tasks. one is for network connection. each of them is at leats one service.

    here u have a guide to optimize windows xp. it says a word or two about services too.

    process xp is the best tool to see the running processes. if u hower over the services it tell u what a svchost is for. autoruns is good too because it shows u what starts when ur computer starts.

    and this too
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