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Waiting for Gidot (Longhorn, Vista, Whatever)

Last response: in Applications
May 14, 2006 1:29:56 AM

It won't happen, folks, so don't delay your new build for this new Microsoftoff that is already two years overdue. Bill Gates' scheme of intertwining his own applications such as IE ("Not just a low quality knockoff but an expensive low quality knockoff", it has been said.) through Tim Paterson's Quick and Dirty Operating System (sanitized to "Disc") has yielded XP which, after five years, has been made to work reasonably well. Even if Vista (nee Longhorn, remember?) were to be released next year (its new on-time-time) there's no reason to suppose that it would operate reliably and every reason to suppose that it wouldn't. - for years. Right now I'm working on my new AMD 4800 box and using the SUSE 10.1 distribution which I just downloaded from the Internet and installed this afternoon for a total cost of five CD+Rs. Windows XP Pro (one CD) cost me nearly $250 (at newegg prices), and even with a firewall I don't dare to take that partition onto the Internet: I downloaded this SUSE distro with my Slackware partition.
May 15, 2006 6:43:07 PM

If you're going to be unreasonable... try and be a little more reasonable about it.