Help me .... Please

Hey ladies and gentelmen ..
plz can any one help me and tell me how can i retrive my Adminstraitor Password ?? i forgot mine and i dont want to format or delete anything help me please ....... :cry:
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  1. I think you're SOL.. unless you want to google for a crack to retrieve it for you.. but I don't recommend it. Who knows what you're actually dl'ing

  2. does changing things in the safe mode ringed any balls?
  3. There is a way... you have to do a repair install... but it can be done. Google it... that's how I found it. Just search for "Lost administrator password Windows XP"
  4. I assume you mean for windows?
  5. Get UBCD and boot from it. It should have a utility that allows you to remove the password or create a new account with administrator rights.
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