DirectX 10 makes game run faster...

I saw on an interview that the new DirectX 10 of Windows Vista will make games run faster.

Any one knows why?
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  1. Because you'll have upgraded your computer to run Vista! :lol:
  2. I think it's bs that you need to upgrade your PC just to use the OS (of course i have the specs but it's the principle). Why would you need 128mb graphics card just for a user interface?
  3. it's the stinkin' suckin' marketing m$ uses every time to get fools attention. they make promises and almost only that. i feel insulted by their idiot claims. they lack fairness and common sense. it's their model of buisness and shitty atitude wich makes me to dislike them and almost not give them credit for what they actually do. it's only marketing and games won't run faster on dx10. they will only run faster if u buy better hardware. maybe they will make games even more real like dx9 did. but that will mean shit to present day dx9 cards. remember when dx9 appeared and actually decreased the game performance adding nothing new because there wereno dx9 games available? now dx9 makes a whole lot of difference. actually m$ made a good job with dx and i hope the case will be with dx10 too. i don't find and explanation why do they need to exagerate so much on video performance other than marketing. i don't really like the fades and transparencies. they annoy me when i have to actually work with them on. they also have a big performance impact. i believe i won't use they super extra bloated interface.
  4. But without the interface, how will computer illiterate people be able to act out minority report?
  5. i think i like this forum...a bunch of fellow microsoft haters! lol. well maybe not hate, but dislike! as for dx10, it will possibly run a bit faster even if you dont hafta upgrade hardware, mainly because of code optimizations, and simply that, plus (and i hope) windows gamer edition will be potimized for games better.
  6. i don't hate m$. i hate their attitude. maybe dx10 will run a bit faster, maybe it will be incompatible with older versions of dx cards.

    lolz! windoze gamer edition!?! wtf is that? maybe they will change a few strings or maybe they will handicap other versions in games so that win vista bullshit gamer edition will be artificially better.

    for those who don't know this kind of behaviour i'll tell them a little story. remember the nvidia fx family? yes it was running hot, ineficient. pixel shader 2 was ineficiently implemented. though there was fx5700 wich was prety good and it had driver support. after a while there appeared the nvidia 6000 family. and they made drivers to support them and theyran pretty good. but a friend of mine noticed that the fx5700 was slower than before with the new drivers. he checked a few things and noticed that the core was running 50mhz lower than it was before!?! strange!! after investigation he found out that new nvidia drivers lowered the fx5700 clocks intentionally just to make the 6000 family look better. way the go to make a better product! u just cripple the old product and make the newer one look better.
  7. heh. there is no literal gamer edition, but i am completely on ur page with the whole nvidia crisis! LOL. i infact hate nvidia.
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