Games and applications support for 64-bit and dual-core?

When do we will have games and application using the full potential
of 64-bit and dual-core?

If I run F.E.A.R on a single core or double core CPU... do the game will be able to use 2 CPU or will use only one?
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  1. 1st: maybe starting from next year

    2nd: most likely not. if they don't release a patch or multicore version then it will use a single cpu only.
  2. You mean that if I'm going to buy a double core CPU is like if I'am using a single CPU? I don't think so...
  3. It will make some difference, but not because the game takes full advantage of dual-core. Some background tasks can be assigned to the core that's sitting idle, which allows the other core to "concentrate" on the foreground task... ie: the game.

    Also, nVidia and ATi have done a little trick in their drivers to take advantage of dual-core CPUs... they offload some of their work to the idle core... allowing for improved performance in games.
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