8800gts into projector problem

Hi, i am running e6600, 975x, 2 gig ram and 8800gts running vista home edition into my pt-ax100e panasonic lcd projector using hdmi to hdmi cable with dvi adaptor, but it doesn't work, but if i use a standard pc cable it works fine. Does anyone know why? I have tested the hdmi cable into my dvd player and it works fine, so iam not sure about what i need to do. Any help would be great. Thanx...
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  1. I think you need an HDMI adapter specifically made for the videocard. I'm not sure a generic one will work.

    Haven't tried it, but that's what I've heard...
  2. By standard PC cable, I assume you mean standard analog RGB.

    It might be an adapter issue as mentioned. I might also be an HDCP (copy protection) issue, but for for standard computer signals, I don't think it should be the problem, only for playing HD content.

    What HDMI cable, and adapter may be helpful. There are different versions of HDMI. I am not positive, but there may be some forward compatability problems.
  3. Vga. Finally got it runnung, but picture doesn't appear until desktop. Tried both hdmi and vga, and i think i prefer vga. hdmi seems to be darker and vga more natural.
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