Seriously, what do i need to do to protect me from spyware

Im tired of this. I hate all you hackers out there ruining the internet for normal people.
So I just want to know, what are hackers doing to protect there own computers?

Ok, so what is my best option for protection? Should I be useing windows defender? Should I be using an anti-spyware program? Im looking at spy sweeper -is that a good one? What firewall should I be using?
Somebody just tell me what I need to be doing... my only worry is that after I have all this protection running its going to slow down my system for other stuff.

I have seperate computers that i use for serious work that i never hook up to the internet . I just feel like, is this the best option?
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  1. having those pcs hot hucked up to the net is hm..the best way to keep it safe 9from online intruders) but if u have a good firewall, (norton is nice) spy sweeper for internet junk/spyware is good as well, i use xsoftspy , it found some wiruses couple times that norton dint. and yes by having may apps installed that monitor ur activities (to protect u ) will slow down the pc /net borwsing. but ask urselfe the question do u want to be safe, or do u want to brows fast. there are many good aps its sometimes goog to have multiple f them installed althouthere are sometimes problems, lets say with 2 av products. .... hm... why do u even ask the question"what do hackers use?" ????????????? lol to be honest i found that one a bit funny sorry, just it was a bit funnny;)
  2. Spyware is a real chore. I have been infected at times and thought my virus scanner with it's built in Spyware would protect me....I was wrong. For info I use McAfee works well as a virus scanner and as a firewall...but spyware, rubbish!

    I have did some research and it seems the way to go is to have two products protecting you, I use my ropey spyware bit of McAfee in combination with some software called CounterSpy. This is a memory resident program and provides you with real time protection in the same way a standard virus scanner does....

    It clearly will impact on your system performance as it is always running...but I have noticed no specific slowdown apart from at boot up and every few days when it updates itself. I also run a spyware scan once a week....

    When I need my systems full performace (ie gaming) in simply close down CounterSpy play my game and then start it up again!

    Hope this helps...
  3. All I use is Adaware (for spyware) and Avast (Antivirus) and I seem to do just fine. I also use Firefox as a web browser. I hear a lot of people say that it's not any better than IE from keeping spyware off of your computer, but it works for me.

    I also stay away from file sharing programs and all those goofy toolbar utilities that people like to download. I think your surfing habits will be the best prevention. Don't click on the popup ads that tell you you have a virus and they have the cure.
  4. I find that Panda's spyware protection included in their Platinum Internet Security suite is very good... definately above Norton and McAffee's. I haven't had any problems with spyware since I started using it... and I regularly surf with IE. I've also been to a few "disreputable" sites without causing any harm.
  5. Also forgot to say I have moved over to Firefox and this makes life a little less risky on the virus/spyware front.

  6. first of all i don't rely on m$ security.
    i moved two years ago from ie to mozilla firefox cause i was exasperated. firefox is much better in terms of security and pop-up stopping. it's faster. it has lots of plugins. it is light weight (5megs firefox cmpared with 60mb ie 6sp1). runs on windoze 95 beautifully. at work i encourage and almost impose the use of firefox because i'm a system admin. mozilla thunderbird is second weapon of choice.

    i don't frankly get spyware on my computer because i know what i am doing and second i use firefox. i just love he pop up stopping ability, speed, plugins, small package without any bloated interface.

    above from that i use agnitium outpost firewall pro 3.5, kaspersky pro 5.0, spybot search and destroy 1.4.

    as a word of wisdom: don't use ie. firefox and opera are much better. if ie is just trying to keep up the pace then firefox is already there for a long time.
  7. There's several things you can do. Make sure your Windows Firewall is up. Make sure you don't have Norton, it's lame, get a current version of McAfee. If you're running on a PC, make sure you use Mozilla Firefox because Internet Explorer won't protect you. In your email, don't open anything if you don't know who it is from or why you're receiving it. It sucks but you gotta be careful out there. Good luck.
  8. Someone recommending McAdware? Tsk tsk.

    They're just as bad, if not worse, than Norton.

    Panda Platinum Internet Security.

    That is all.
  9. Here is what i did. I bought Norton Internet security. I have been using Firefox. I run spysweeper for spyware. Things are much better.

    Is there a way to block internet explorer so it cant be run?
  10. You can remove it altogether if you really want to... that would be the best way to block access to it. I use FF at work and IE at home... I haven't had any headaches using either.
  11. I use Spy Sweeper.

    Here is a list of spyware programs

    The only thing I don't like about them is that they require you to renew every 3 months.
  12. Another advantage with Panda in that case... it's a yearly subscription.
  13. I'm not here to defend IE, but using Firefox isn't really the answer to spyware and adware. Most spyware is obtained thru email or internet downloading of programs. Anti-spyware programs are pretty much essential these days for most, but educating people on how to surf and the dangers of free downloads are what I believe to be the best defense. I use IE, Norman Antivirus/Firewall, and CA's Pest Patrol and have no problem with viruses or spyware. I really believe it's because I am cautious and know how to use email and the internet. Education is the key. I know it's not right, but I can't help wishing bad things upon those who invent and proliferate viruses/spyware. If you have the smarts to do this stuff, you have the smarts to do good things. I guess they just have no morals.
  14. don't use ie. it's bad for ur computer and sex life. :)
    and u can get a shit load of spyware, ads, viruses using ie. firefox is much better than ie. i read this week at about the top then security holes. out of 10 ie had 3 and 2 of them were highly critical and that was a weekly report. shortly after that a coleague just got a virus using ie. i saw it with my own eyes. i managed in two days to remove hundreds of viruses that got in after the infection. after that i banned the ie in the firm.

    firefox is not the holy grail against spyware but if u have common sense u can block most of them just using it. there are lots of ways to get spyware: email, apps with spyware in them (lately bsplayer), buggy windows services started, browsing, faulty windows components, apps with security holes.

    of course knowledge and common sense help a lot. i use some sites that aren't very secure to get cracks and stuff. if i used bullshit ie i would have had a tough time. i use firefox, kaspersky avir 5.0 pro, agnitium firewall, spybot s&d and a have no problem. my computer has two internet connections and it's running around the clock.
  15. Even if you have the best anti-spyware protection, your computer will still be slowed regardless. The best defense is internet habits: stay away from p2p and bad sites and what not. It's possible to use the internet without protection. I don't have spyware protection and my system runs fast, and its four years old.
    but if one needs p2p, i hear the best free anti-spyware is Microsoft Anti-Spyware. For pay, Webroot SpySweeper. Cool?

    get a fresh format. save a hijackthis log. check your hijackthis momentarily. if anything new comes up, make sure its not good, then remove it.
    delete temporary files and folders like a madman, cool?
  16. Quote:
    firefox is not the holy grail against spyware but if u have common sense u can block most of them just using it.

    Same can be said for Internet Explorer.

    i use some sites that aren't very secure to get cracks and stuff. if i used bullshit ie i would have had a tough time.

    I use similar sites at times and I use IE. Haven't had a problem yet.
  17. p2p peer isn ot bad. in fact it's almost safe.

    internet exploder is crap. a browser should be safe to use and this is not. ie is safe as long as there are no threats. this is like saying: i have a very good imune system but if i cut my finger i get a very nasty and possibly lethal infection. of course ie is safe if there are no threats available. but most of us know that internet is not a very safe place.
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