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AGP Upgrade from 9700 Pro to AGP x1950 Pro worthwhile?

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April 3, 2007 12:07:31 PM

I am running an ATI 9700 Pro AGP card on my PC, and am looking to improve the PC's ability in running some of the latest games (Oblivion, BF2142, NWN2, etc).

The main problem I face is that my motherboard (ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe) only takes AGP cards, so it would cost me an estimated £520 to upgrade onto a decent PCI-E card. I have a P4 3Ghz CPU on the motherboard.

I'm wondering if you think I would notice any decent gains by changing my card for an X1950 Pro, or whether it would be held back by the other parts of my system?

Would it be better to stick with what I have and try overclocking the card and/or CPU while saving up for that PCI-E upgrade?

Thank you!

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April 3, 2007 5:37:51 PM

what sorta PSU have you got???

for a x1950 pro its advised that you have around 28-30 amps on the +12V rail.

so if you can put up a list of all your hadrware we'll let you know if its worth it :wink:
April 3, 2007 6:16:49 PM

I have used the 9800pro. Then went back to 9700pro. Now I have the X1950XT. Wow, what a difference in even the little open GL games.

So yes, it's worth every penny.
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April 3, 2007 7:07:36 PM


your psu should be fine, however your cpu will bottleneck the card by a pretty large amount. Depending on the res you plan to game at, you may just be better off with a 7600GT.

so your gonna have to decide if you want to spend that extra bit for a x1950 pro and not make full use of it at places. It will definitely give you a big boost compared with ur current system, but perhaps not as much as you would want it to.
April 3, 2007 7:12:32 PM

Good question there. I know ATI is not as dependant (performance wise) as Nvidia is on the CPU... however I can't tell up to what card I can use in regard of my current CPU.
April 3, 2007 7:48:16 PM

no way, you will not see any difference. Ati made the x800 and x1000 series just for fun, not for better or faster graphics :roll:

OFCOURSE you will see a HUGE difference! Even with a p4 @ 3ghz. The more eyecandy (and higher res.) you use, how greater the difference with your 9700. yes, it will be faster with a conroe. but yes, it`s really a big difference.

Bonus: you will get SM3.0 and HDR
April 3, 2007 8:37:09 PM

Thank you for all of the comments so far. It looks like I would notice a difference from what's been said!

My current PSU is a Q-tec 450W one:

I don't think it's a particularly good one, but it's served me well so far!

Any thoughts on this would be useful.

Thank you!
April 3, 2007 8:56:01 PM

What are the specs on that PSU? I'm looking at the 12v rail(s) particularly. I can't seem to read that label in the picture...can you take a look?
April 3, 2007 9:29:55 PM

The +12v rail says the following:

16A Peak
12A Max
192W Peak Watt

Does that help?

April 3, 2007 10:19:42 PM

Definitely upgrade! I had a 9700 Pro and upgraded to a x1950pro and it's AMAZING! Do it, you wont regret it at all. Just make sure your psu can handle it, as others have said.
April 3, 2007 10:33:43 PM

The +12v rail says the following:

16A Peak
12A Max
192W Peak Watt

for a 9700 it was fine, however the x1950 pro requires around 28A on the +12V rail, so you really need to upgrade that aswell if your going for the x1950 pro.
April 4, 2007 1:35:13 AM

The +12v rail says the following:

16A Peak
12A Max
192W Peak Watt

Does that help?


Yeah, thats much too low for a 1950 card. Your gonna need to upgrade.

Do you plan on upgrading to a whole new, faster system in the next year? (This will help me to help you pick a suitable power supply.)
April 4, 2007 9:30:14 PM

Yes, I am planning to upgrade in the next year or so onto a whole new PCI-E board, etc.

This is the usual problem with PCs, isn't it! You think about something to tide you over for a while, and then the cost gets a bit more and you start getting tempted with the bigger upgrade...!

I'd be interested to know what sort of PSU you would advise which would be useful for a decent dual-core PCI-E system in the future (although maybe they'll be quad core, etc by then...!)

I've read a good article on Custom PC which compared PSUs; I'm not sure if these are any that you'd advise?
(See the High end and Mid range Lab test on
April 4, 2007 10:11:21 PM

this would be better suited to have its own topic in the power supply section as people there will be able to fill you in.

For a dx10 crossfire (high end) you'd be looking at around 750-1000 watt psu :p  , so personally I wouldnt bother :roll:

just get one card, it'll be more than enough for most games. For 8800GTX even a corsair 620 watt would do well. However the news on ATI cards looks a little more demanding for now, will just have to wait and see.
April 4, 2007 10:51:34 PM

Thank you blade and everyone for the pointers - I'll look over on the PSU area to take this forward.

I'm convinced now about the usefulness of moving up to the x1950pro, which is what I wanted!

Thank you.
April 5, 2007 12:02:57 AM

If you pop over to Hexus you'll see that they have just reviewed a couple of them on the AGP front. Performance seems to be pretty good, face it the PCIe 7900GS isn't ahead by much.

Think you could probably just look at the vga charts here and read the normal 1950pro figures, mind you no old ATIs to check, nearest an X700 maybe?

Watch the power supply though as people have said.
April 5, 2007 2:30:26 PM

I recently migrated to a 1950 AGP Pro. I tried three different cards and numerous versions of CCC until I found one that worked as advertised. I'm not running an HIS X1950Pro AGP with 512 of ram. I'm using Version 2 of this card and it simply has saved me from migrating to PCI-E for another year. Glad somebody at ATI realized that there's still money, GOOD MONEY, to be made with the AGP format. They got about 280 dollars of mine and I couldn't be happier. Now, if Patriot will return my RMA'd RAM I'll be one happy camper and my rebuilt rig complete.

Da Worfster