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I have a core 2 duo e6300 and the asus p5b-e mobo, 2x1gb mushkin pc 6400 ram. using the overclocking utility from asus I have the fsb @400mhz X 7=2.8ghz. 1:1 ratio, 1.536 cpu voltage. It is running stable in the OS and temps seem decent (zalman 9500) cores idle between 46-50 and ~53c when playing games/ doing super pi 32m. The odd thing is now when i restart the machine, it shuts down and turns off, then turns back on. It also does this when i make a fsb adjustment in the bios and save and exit. When the machine is shut down i press power and the fans start up for a second, turn off, and boot up and all is well. This just doesnt seem normal and although everything is running great i was concerned. any ideas? Machine hasnt hung on me or crashed, bsod- nothing like that.

im pretty sure the cpu vcore in cpu-z is wrong too...
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  1. Some BIOS releases handle hardware resets, (which you've described), by powering down for 4 seconds, then powering up, rather than merely reinitializing via a soft master clear. Also, your Idle temps for the Cores are high due to your unnecessarily high Vcore. For information regarding proper temps, test methods and results, check out the following Sticky:

    Core 2 Duo Temperature Guide

    Hope this helps,

    Comp 8)
  2. also try this article for some straight up settings that are a guaranteed win for E6300 overclocking
  3. man why the hell is your vcore so damn high?
  4. you should be able to get there with no or almost no voltage increase.

    on a plus side. i've seen hotter :)
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