Why Windows Vista Won't Suck

Yeah, this has been over discussed, but I thought this was a good article.
Article in Extreme Tech.
Also the points under the link "Discuss this now".
All sounds cute but still no killer reason to be the first on my block to jump in when it's released. WinFS may have been one, but that won't be until later.
DX10 ? Sounds like Crysis will still look pretty good on my 9c. May have to missout on HALO for a while. Most of what is being offered, I, and probably most of us, can already do or don't care about. Sounds great if your doing a new system. I think I'll wait. Maybe SP1.
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  1. No one can really guess what vista will actually be like...not even Microsoft themselves. (if you get my drift)
  2. EXACTLY! jsut like no one can tell if the PS3 will be better than the wii or xbox 360 (which it will)
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