Windows Media Player 11 BETA

Hey all,

Not sure if you've gotten' the word yet but this beta version supposedly rocks.
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  1. Well, I posted this after reading the review @ PCMag and figured I would give it a try as well. IMHO, it SUCKS! screwed up two PC's and uninstalled/rollbacked to WMP 10 on both. What a disappointment. :roll:

    Disclaimer! I'm NOT personally responsible for WMP 11 FKN up your system! 8O
  2. Agreed wmp 11 is not that good.

    You mean you expected wmp 10 to stay? This is M$ dude! :roll:
  3. wmp8 was a big resource hog, wmp9 was a big resource hog, wmp 10 is a big resource hog. wmp is a resource hog biiger than his predecesors. i was surprised today big times. i was playing a xvid movie on a p3 1ghz, 128mb ram, win xp pro sp1 machine. it staggered a lot even if it wasn't a very big resolution. i saw than and istalled vlc 0.8.5 player and gave it a go. it ran the movie smoothly and a could display the subtitle too. it is very modest on interface but it used the cpu from almost 0% to 10%. that actually was the whose system load with kaspersky antivirus active. yes! the system was almost idle when playing a movie with vlc and with wmp 9 it stumbled. don't use this m$ shit whose main feature is the beauty of the interface. it would be a very good thing if u actually stood watching at it doing nothing (not playing anithing), but i believe it's not the case. don't use it!
  4. You know how wmp 10 had the file, edit, etc at the top? Well now you have to right-click to find it. I feel for those noobs out there. :lol:
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