Virtually all my torrent downloads are corrupt!

I'm seriously confused. I'm using utorrent, but I don't think that's the problem. Every single thing rar'd I d/l gets a CRC error.

Could it be windows firewall? My d-link router? Bad motherboard? Arghh!
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  1. better use the utorrent forum.
    u could limit the max dl speed if u have multi mb/s speeds.
    it's normal to have some corrupt parts of a download given the very large number of packets transfered. activate the autocheck downloads at completion or something like that and after that the bad parts will be redownloaded. the download will be rechecked and if it still has erros then the corrupted parts will be redownloaded. if u get big errors (speaking in percents) u might have problems with ram. it is acceptable to have at most a few percents of the file corrupted. i repeat. if speaking of large file tranfers (hundreds of megs) it is normal to have bad parts but they can be corrected as i told u above.
  2. Try some different torrent apps and see if it's just that one that's giving you crappy dl's, or if it is you're computer itself.
  3. I tried bitcomet and still got errors.

    Then I decided to increaes my RAM voltage to 2.8 (the actual recommended voltage) from the auto-detected 2.65, and I also relocated the RAM from the first two slots to the last two. Then I set CAS timing to 2.5, instead of auto.

    One of those three things seemed to fix the problem, but I don't know what.
  4. i believe u should test the memory instead of ajusting other things. letting the bios decide the timings should be safe enough. the voltage is usually detected correct. u should not modify it unless u want to oc it. relocating the memory doesn't help. maybe a stick of ram is not ok. test it cause u might notice later that it has problems. if it is busted u can rma it.
  5. probably getting bad stuff from the anti-p2p companies....

    uses Peerguardian 2
  6. Azureus works for me.
  7. Quote:
    Azureus works for me.

    i'd recommend uTorrent over all...

    AZ uses lots of system resources since it's JAVA based
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