Difference between Windows XP Home SP2 and XP Pro SP2?

When building computers, opting for Windows XP Home saves you good money, money you can put into better computer parts (like that Thermaltake Armor Jr. case!). I'm building another computer, so does anyone know the differences between XP Home SP2 and XP Pro SP2, and if XP Pro is worth the extra $40-50? Thanks.
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  1. http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/windowsxp_home_pro.asp

    There is all you could want to know about it...I say get xp home.
  2. if u want to use multi core 64bit processors then go for windoze xp pro. other features are worthless for the home user. the reading was interesting. never gave a thought about comparing the two. because i'm and arrrg... mostly a pirate concerning m$ i never use cripled windows versions like home edition. even windows xp pro is crippled comapred to windows 2003 server but for what i need to do windows xp pro is enough.
  3. Define "crippled".
  4. for example home edition lacks some functionality compared. i don't really see the use of home edition. lacks remote desktop wich i don't use cause it's made so simple that i haven't figured how to use it.

    win xp pro compared to win2003 server also has some disabled stuff. u can't have conected to same share more than 10 users. this is the method for them to protect the small business server by not letting u use winxp as server. if u ask me then i'd tell u that this is bullshit.

    i don't really see the use of so many fuckin versions of windows. home, pro, small server, small business, advanced, oem, retail, olp, volume licence, 10 users, 20 users, 100 users, 1 processors, more processors etc. it makes me sick to the stomach. in my opinion there should have been a desktop version and a server version. linux can do both in same package. hate m$ marketing shit! now they want to have 6 or 7 versions of vista. that is sick!! if those were really different versions there would be a nightmare maintaining them. but they are the same thing where the premium version is left as it is and the lower versions are being cripled. it's the same thing and u must pay more than 50% to get the good version and not the crippled one. it's like selling cows. they are all cloned and have same features. and u take one and u remove an eye and name i destop version and sell it for 150$. u break a leg and that version is the "home" version and u sell it for 100$. and the almost perfect and uncripled cow u name it server an sell it for 1000$. wake up m$! not all of us are americans and fall for ur shit!
  5. Home edition is just fine for most users. How many average Joes do you know that have need of connecting to a domain? How many of them need 10 users or more connect to their shares? As for remote connection, there is an option for the Home user to request help from a remote computer... so they aren't necessarily "crippled" in that fashion either.

    If it upsets you so much, use 2K3 and quit yer bitchin'. I use Pro at home, and I am in no way "crippled". I can do everything I need to do.

    This has always been Microsoft's business model... this is nothing new. You have your Home users, your Pro users and your Servers. I don't see how anyone could be confused... especially someone that professes to be as knowledgable as you.
  6. I think home had remote desktop cause I used to plug into my desktop from my laptop in the day of dialup.

    But pro is just basically better/advanced networking ie. dns.
  7. The url below will help you use "remote desktop" on any "Windows" OS.


    Windows XP Home has "remote desktop" just like "Pro".

    The url below will help out "Mac" users:


    The url below will show you that not only "Windows", but "Redhat" also offers 6 or 7 different versions of an OS:


    Here's the url for Mandriva, doing the same:


    Here's SUSE:


    Here's a url that will show you the differences in Windows 2003:


    Not to even mention the hundreds of differences hardware wise between XP Pro and 2003 [symmetric multiprocessing, Ram limits, Addressing... and so on]

    I think my point is, is that you are one of those people that just complains about the wind blowing left rather then right... even though it's not blowing at all.
    If your going to bitch, you should really first learn how to bitch right... they call them facts and figures... doing your "due diligence"... but then again... I'm probably just wasting my time.
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