MSN messenger keeps signing me out

My msn messenger keeps signing me out for no reason. I can not figure out why. I am running MSN v 7.5 and have installed Penguin msn on top of it which reduced the frequency of the sign outs. I have tried disabling me firewalls, etc. to see if that would work and that didnt work. I am out of ideas and was wondering if anyone had any ideas to help me out. Thanks

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  1. Do you still have Windows Messenger installed? It can interfere with newer versions of MSN Messenger.
  2. No, I do not have Windows Messenger installed. Thanks though. I had already tried uninstalling it, which made things happen less often.
  3. I am having the same problem with MSN. I have tried diff versions and forwarded all the required ports in my router. For some reason it just signs out and back in on its own. It is not a problem for me when my comp is in idle but when I am talking to someone it is a pain.
  4. looks like you fixed it somehow?
  5. is it msn or could it be you got crappy internet?
  6. Cheez has a very good point. When I changed my ISP this stopped happening. There were a few things I did prior though that reduced the frequency. The first was installing penguin msn, it can be found when googled, the second is ensuring that Windows messenger is UNINSTALLED. I believe there is a trick to doing this, but I can not remember it, just google it as well. I hope this helps you.

  7. Thanks everyone I have no idea how I fixed it but it seems that it is fixed. I have no problem with my internet I play a lot of online games and never loose connection. O well thanks again for the help.
  8. Is it possible to remove MSN messenger?
  9. All u got to do is:
    click start
    then run
    type in %appdata%\microsoft and press ok
    click on the windows messenger folder then delete it
  10. FIXED!! I had the same problem and I figured out a solution. I uninstalled Norton 360 and now Windows Live Messenger works perfectly, which was odd because even when I disabled the virus and firewall protection of Norton 360 I still had the problem, only when I uninstalled the whole program did it fix the signing out every 10 seconds issue. I REALLY hope this helps everyone else, because it was driving me crazy and I've seen tons of people with the same issue.
  11. Dear Tim,
    The whole reason your computer keeps crashing is because you need to reboot your computer. Or if that doesn't work go on control panel , installations and fixing, then firewall and then you repair and then you click okay and then finish and then you can try logging on again
    Hope it works, it did for me!

  12. hey
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