What are the best registry cleanup utilities


I did a search, but found only Registry Fix and Registry Mechanic. Are these the best at doing the least harm?

Any other suggestions?

I am not too familliar with registry cleanups. I assume I have to do a backup, then cleanup everything, because I am not sure what's important to keep.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. I use System Suite 6 Pro, it has a boatload of utilities including a registry fixer, which I have never had a problem with, I think I started with vesion 4 or 5 but have been using System Suite for years. It has a Defrag component that wiped out a SATA drive so I just use the Windows defrag, otherwise never had a problem. I think the their Fix It program has the same Registry Fixer program and is about $10 or so cheaper. You can always find it on sale with rebates somewhere. Worth checking out.
  2. I like Easycleaner. Give it a google.
  3. Hi,
    i also tried Registry Fix & Reg Cure..they both works f9 but it only cleans regs , i think optimization also required ...i tried lots of software..i can suggest Regclean Pro provided by Systweak..It cleans and optimize registries..which are affecting ur PC..its a best registry cleaner i used so far..!Its compatible with 64 bit Windows Vista & Win 7.
    it helped me a lot..!! U can download it 4m systweak site..!
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