Where can i find turbo c for windows 7 32 bit

i want to install windows xp in dell inspiron i3 5010
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  1. Not sure what you want?
    If downgrading to winXP 32 - Yes, But you need to go to the Dell's websit and download ALL the drivers for WinXP 32 bit and individually install.

    If this is so that you can run turbo C for Windows XP, It can be installed and run on win 7. I can Run Basic profession (pre XP) on a windows 7 32 bit operating system. For windows 7 64 bit, the program to install can not contain any 16 bit code (16 bit code is OK in win 7 32 bit OS).

    Basic Prof will not run on win 7 64 bit, But there is a work-a-round called Dos box.
  2. Or just install virtaulbox, and run dos/XP as a virtual machine.
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