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Can anyone point me to where I can download the COD2 demo2 benchmark used in Tom's Hardware reviews (like in the CPUs review)?

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  1. Thanks, but are you sure this is the demo2 and not the demo1 previously used by Toms Hardware?

  2. Not positive. Not sure what the difference is either. I would think a timedemo is a timedemo. As long as the same parameters are maintained, then benchmarking is consistent. Technically speaking, any timedemo would work really, as long as you run the same one on different settings and/or hardware to gauge the scores and differences in performance.

    Any particular reason it has to be a specific timedemo? Are you trying to compare your results to Tom's? If so, I'd caution against it......comparing like that requires EXACTLY similar setups in order to get true, unbiased results. Very tricky.
  3. I am most interested in comparing my results to the specific CPU scores used in the Toms Hardware CPU charts. I can reproduce the same hardware and just need to make sure that I use the Demo2. I do have 30+ years experience in engineering and have been building computers since the S-100 bus and Z-80 days (curious how many recognize those terms).

  4. Perhaps a PM/email to the author of that article can verify which demo, or he/she can point you in the right direction.........? Might be a quicker solution than us wondering and postulating ;)
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