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alright heres the deal ive been searching the web up and down for this, and havent been able to figure it out. when i try to add my sidewinder to game controllers with the built in autodetect driver it comes up as a sidewinder 3d pro, that is not connected.

1. Connect the device to the gameport
2. Start -> Run -> Control Panel
3. Switch to "Classic View".
4. Run the Gaming Options control
5. In Gaming Options Click the "Add..." button.
6. From the list choose "Microsoft SideWinder (Auto Detect)"
7. This should install your device.

= sidewinder 3d pro, not connected.

all this came about when i upgraded to xp pro sp2, it worked fine in home.

now before i reinstall home and copy the drivers, can someone who has a working ms sidewinder gameport version in xp:

1. open control panel
2. switch to classic view
3. open system
4. click hardware tab
5. open device manager
6. open the sound, video and game controllers
7. open microsoft sidewinder (autodetect)
8. click driver tab
9. click driver details

and list the driver files there for me, and if possible make copies and send them to

that would be absolutely awesome.
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  1. Here is your answer :

    Hope that will help some buddy !!! Follow all the instructions and you will find an amazing emulation of your gamepad. The only thing to do is to start the program ("sidewindergamepad.exe") everytime before playing your game :p
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