Reconfigure IRQs on Inspiron 8600


I was curious if anyone knew how to reconfigure the IRQ assignments for a Dell Inspiron 8600.

I run Windows XP sp2, and am very comfortable tweaking any setting on my system.

I looked all over, and in the device manager, the Automatic settings checkbox in the resources tab is disabled, so I cannot uncheck it.

I noticed my graphics card is on the same IRQ as my USB, network, firewire, etc. I figure my graphics should be on it's own IRQ.

I also checked in the BIOS and saw no option to reserve IRQ for the graphics separately.


John Goodwin

PS this is not a thread on the merits or demerits of buying any particular laptop.
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  1. If you're not having any issues, I really wouldn't worry about it. It's a bigger pain in the ass to mess with those settings sometimes than it is to just leave it be as is.
  2. It works, but I was just trying to see if it was even possible. So far it doesn't really look like it can be changed anywhere.
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