Another 'Are my temps ok' query in my overclocked x2 config

I recently set up the successful newegg promotion featuring the Biostar mobo TForce 550 / AMD x2 Brisbane 3600+. Cpu freq out of the box is 1900 mhz, and Ive fairly easily overclocked it to 2810 mhz. Ive run it for 40 hrs this way without a single glitch, including a 2 hr Orthos session (2 core simultaneous 100% load via primes on each core). Im still planning on doing an 8 hr Orthos session, but I wanted to get this temperature thing ironed out first.

The cpu I bought was an OEM version, and before I learned enough about heatsinks, I bought and installed a MassCool 5F531B1M3CG, which is approved to anything up to the x2 4800+. Actually, I dont think its a terrible unit judging by my results, but I want to hear from you guys!

Heres the result its produces.. With a case temperature of 28 degrees C, my idle CPU temp, as measured by Speedfan and confirmed by Biostar's temp utility and Pc Wizard is also 28 degrees! If the case temp goes to 30, so does the cpu idle temp. It always follows the case temp very nicely, which is about all I could hope for on Air. (Ive learned alot about what to expect from cooling efforts through my experience with my car's supercharger and Intercooler!).


CPU Speed: ------- Stock(1900mhz) - 2375mhz - 2616mhz - 2809mhz
case temp---------- 29--------------------27-----------27----------27
idle temps-----------29--------------------26-----------26----------26
100% load tmps----42--------------------42-----------45----------47 to 50

Im pretty sure these temps are accurate as theyve been confirmed by three utilities.. The one temp reading I do NOT use is the Speedfan Core temperature because its always reported at between 15 degrees and 17 degrees C, and I know thats not right, and clearly the board is taking a value from the core that has changed and is not being interpreted correctly.. The other values I trust, however. They are reasonable wrt case temps and Ambient, and the way the cpu temp at idle follows closely the case temp, plus the 3 utilities confirmations confirms that this is an accurate reading as Im going to get. Given that, staying at or under 50 degrees with the highest stressor (orthos in each core) at its current overclocked 2.8ghz configuration leads me to think I am ok, and do not need further cooling. The low idle temps are also pleasing.

The one thing I really wanted to ask you is about Lapping.. There were alot of machine marks on the HSF surface, and I was thinking I might be able to lower my temps perhaps 3 degrees at hi load, perhaps more, by both Lapping the surface, AnD replacing the white thermal grease I used that came with the HSF with some Arctic Silver 5 which I have.

So, do you think Im ok leaving things as they are? Or, would you encourage me to Lap and use the AS5 Ive got? The reason Im asking is that sometimes, with other projects, by trying to be 'too fine', Ive managed to screw something up. So after several experiences with that, I kind of adopted a 'leave well enough alone' philosophy. Still, what Im talking about is simple enough, so long as I dont bend a clip on the hsf, or bust a prong when attempting its removal!

What do you think? And thanks!!
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  1. IMO that is some pretty good temps.. Load gets up there but I'd say that its fine... Also, what voltage are you running at to get those clocks, jw... Idk much about lapping, but Id say its fine.. Whats funny is.. I run on stock cooling and I get about the same temps as you.. I do have a 4600+ but my friend has a x2 3800+ and we tested it in my system because he couldn't get a stable OC.. We managed to get a 2.8ish and with my stock cooler... I thought that it was my proc that ran cool, but it seems to be my environment that assist my stock cooling... Sorry to get off track, good OC..
  2. Your temps are very respectable as they are now. You've managed to achieve a very good OC while keeping your load temp at or below 50 which is what we all strive for. So for getting there, grats. You can get it a few degrees lower, but not without spending more cash on a better cooler, more case fans, or a new case altogether. In any of those cases you will be a victim of the law of diminishing returns. Personally, I run a socket 939 4800+ OC'd to 2.95 and it idles at 27/loads at 43 using a Zalman 9700 and AC5. But my case has 8 fans in it and sounds like a windtunnel.
  3. Thanks for the encouragement re temps. Just for the hellof it, and, because my masscool HSF comes with a nickel coated copper base that was loaded with machine marks, I felt I should at least try to lap it, and this time, install it using Arctic Silver 5 instead of the generic white grease that I put on last time. I got it really smooth after an hour of sanding , and reinstalled with the AC5. Temps so far dont look much different. But, I read that AS5 says it takes 200 hrs plus several cool-off cycles to cure and set up properly in order to derive maximal cooling benefit. So, I guess Ill have to wait 2 wks before I log the necessary hours to make a fair judgement.
  4. When it takes all that work for a degree or two, I begin to wonder what a single degree is worth. Hypothetically putting a $$ amount on time...
  5. Sure.. but it really becomes more of an obsession kind of thing..Every degree counts, and, after all, instead of even spending the time to overclock at all, you could just spend the $300 or more it would take to buy a cpu that produces the same speed characteristics you now achieved by virtue of the overclock! But, most computer freaks like a challenge, and getting performance boosts for no dollars is a challenge most of us will try to rise to!!
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