So about 6 months ago i bought a Media center PC from HP. I know, big mistake... hp is junk. Well i recently upgraded the pc and basically only kept the cpu and hard drive. The problem i am having is that HP doesnt ship with the OS on a disk, only a recovery partition. Since i upgraded most everything this recovery partition is basically useless. I have a totally legit cd key to windows media center 2005 but i cannot find a good copy on the net(bit torrent.. etc.. I just need the cds because i have my own ability to activate seeing as how i technically have a license. if Would someone be so kind to make some isos out of the cds and send them to me ... maybe over msn? I would be willing to over some cash over paypal if things worked out. Its better then paying 160$ for the cds at teh store. If you want to make sure i have a legit cd i can send youa pic of my case badge with the serial on it.. please someone help me.. i am so frustrated!
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  1. I don't believe an OEM copy will do it. I've tried using OEM CDs on Dell's computers and they always want to be activated when you use the key from the machine.
  2. Im not sure what you mean? the cd key that was for my HP wont work with a non-hp machine? Is it a special HP cd key or something? if not then im not sure. The machine is no longer in anyways an hp machine, new mobo, hard drive, video card drives.. etc. let me know what you think. thanks.
  3. Your copy of windows is designed for that model. I don't think it has anything to do with the CD key, but more to do with the motherboard.
  4. but what stops me from just getting a copy of windows media and using it on my computer? if my cd key will work with it then it doesnt really matter. about the motherboard right? there is nothing keeping it from working because it is an all new motherboard with no HP media on it anywhere. its like if you bought media center to install on any computer.
  5. If you purchase a full OEM copy of Media Center and use it's key, you won't have any problems.

    The problem comes in when you download an OEM version and try to use the CD key on the case of your HP. I've tried this on Dell computers and it's never worked for me.

    (Of course, I can't remember now if somehow I had a full retail copy somehow or an OEM... bah)
  6. There are a few good copys of Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 on the following web site ( I do not know if this will be deleted as or anything but here goes nothing) i s o h u n t d o t c o m. Extremely good torrent site, what you will want to do is check the comments and such from the users to determine if its a good copy, most are in ISO image format, therefore you may want to use Active ISO Burner (its what I use, free, simple, works perfectly), or MagicISO witch costs money. If you have any questions or concerns contact me at , I am an IT Technician, about to get 2 certifications. If you are having any issues at all feel free to contact me at any time, i check this email every day so I will be able to answer your question, I have been down this path millions of times, especially for work.I do not endorse using torrents or downloading copyrighted material from the internet (blahblahblah) and no I do not repair computers by installing torrented software on them. Well I do't want to ramble so ima be on my way. Good Luck with getting your computer back up and running smoothly! Let me know how it turns out!

  7. OEM and Retail licenses/keys are not interchangeable (ie. a retail key will not work with an OEM disk and vice versa). Different OEM's keys are not even interchangeable, it's ridiculous, thanks again Microsoft! The money that you give for a Microsoft operating system is for the license/key and not for the disk/media.

    It is legal for me to give you my Microsoft XP Pro, Media Center, home etc. disk, it is not legal for me to provide you with my license/key. The license to use their operating system is what you are paying for.

    All this guy is asking for is somebody else that has the HP or Compaq OEM 2005 Windows XP Media Center disk, to hook him up with a copy since he has ALREADY PAID MICROSOFT for the license and has it in his possession. If somebody can hook him up with an HP or Compaq OEM disk, it will work. The drivers are not going to be an issue if it came from a different model because they are not necessarily going to load from the XP install disk. That is only going to be an issue with the recovery disks (if you were using recovery disks from a different model it would load the wrong drivers). You will still probably end up downloading drivers for that model from HP.

    The OEM Media Center disks will install on non-OEM PC's without any problems (as long as you have the correct key).
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