Core2Duo Overclocking Guide by Wusy

The overclocking guide by Wusy published was excellent but covered only E6000 series processors. Could someone publish a similar guide but for E4300?

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  1. Same applies, but use reason to change the parts that matter.
  2. I think what the OP was leading to was the 800Mhz FSB and the diff multiplier allowing a slightly easier 1:1 OC..

    Is that what you were trying to get at Vlip?
  3. 4300 uses the same core so the same guide applys mainly (bar the fsb ofcourse)
  4. Quote:
    Same applies.

    Also, Wusy will update that guide someday, so not to worry.

    not to sure about that.
  5. Prozac,

    You know Wusy is MIA...

    Is he coming back soon?
  6. :wink: :?:
  7. I'm pretty sure Wusy left on a grand journey never to return again. Wasn't there a thread about it?
  8. i think the same should apply for 43xx also...
  9. Hey all, thanks for all the input. The main thing I was getting at are the voltage and FSB starting point recommendations in the guide.
  10. I must be doing something wrong or I got a bum mobo or cpu. I tried going right to 266FSB with voltages in auto and the system fails to boot. So, I went back to 200 FSB, then 205, then 210 and fails to boot at 210. I'm going to try setting voltages to manual but leaving default values. I'll post back when I've tried that.

  11. Everyone is talking about Wusy's Guide where can one find it? Thanks a lot!
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