Large IDE drive problem in Win98

Please, someone out therre tell me that you have the updated esdi_506.pdr from Microsquish for Win98 that fixes the problem of having more than one large (+8 GB) hard drive installed on Win98! This is a known issue with Win98, but Microsoft would rather convince people to upgrade for bugfixes rather than post updated device drivers for Win98. @#$%^!

If the second hard disk is more than 8GB, and not the boot drive, it will only run in msdos compatibility-mode if a busmastering driver is installed. I submitted an online incident report to Microsoft tech support, but will probably die of old age before I hear anything back from them. Anyone out there get the fix from them?
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  1. Hmm, new one on me.

    I have two 20gb drives running on Win'98 (1st Ed) with a VIA busmaster driver.

    Definately not using compatibility mode...

    esdi_506.pdr (residing in c:\windows\system\iosubsys) seems to be working fine.
  2. Yeah, me too. I was running an Intel chipset board before, hence no need for busmastering drivers to be loaded. Unfortuneately, this is an AMD 751 chipset board that I am running now, and it does not work well with AMD's latest busmaster drivers under Win98. It runs okay with the Windows default hdd controller drivers, but the bug shows up when you try to load the AMD drivers. This is a known issue at MS, but apparently not with all chipset drivers.

    Problem solved, I got a copy of Win98SE's ESDI_506.PDR from a friend of mine yesterday, and voila, everything works fine again. I wish Microsoft would post the damn file to Windows update so other people could fix this problem!
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