PC Gaming Chair, Without Speakers, But Has That Gaming Look

Forgive me if I'm not posting in the right section

So I'm looking for a new computer chair. The one I have now is ripping apart (Theirs a hole that's so deep you can see the wood) I've been searching endlessly for one that's simple as a regular office chair, but has that gaming look to it.

Here are some I've found:

Zeus Thunder Hero PC Gaming Rocker (http://www.videogamechairs.com/video-game-chairs-&-rockers/video-game-chairs/heropcgamingrocker.cfm?RNtt=Computer%20Chairs)

BoomChair - Stealth Gaming Chair

True Seating - Vinyl PC Gaming Chair

The Zeus Thunder and the Stealth Chair both have integrated speakers though, but they have that gaming look to it. I know I'm not making much sense but, do you guys have any suggestions?
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  1. why do you need a chair that has a "gaming look" ?

    instead of worry about that, get something that is comfortable. you can pick up a nice padded leather chair for about $140

    if you insist on a flashy chair then have a look at these:

  2. It sounds like the Playseat Computer Gaming Chair might fit your needs perfectly. No speakers but with a gaming look, and they also sell armrest platform add-ons that give you space to use a mouse or a joystock. They sell them in black and white here:

    White: http://www.gamingchair.com/playseat-white-computer-gaming-chair?category_id=64
    Black: http://www.gamingchair.com/playseat-black-computer-gaming-chair?category_id=66

    and with the armrest platforms here:
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