What's the best mid-tower case for cooling and quality ?


I'm thinking of a case for my new build using an e6600 and an 8800 gts (I may oc a bit - later on)

I'm thinking of an Antec 900 purely because of its cooling capacity even though i've read that the quality is not top notch and building a system is hassle due to lots of screws etc.

I'm posting this thread to see what others are using and what you fellow enthusiasts think is the best quality and hassle-free mid-tower case for cooling.

let me know your thoughts and why you think your selection is the biz .... thanks!
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  1. I should mention that i don't like doors on the front of a case!

    This is because my case sits inside my desk which itself has a door so it gets hot inside that cubby hole! Add to that the fact that it gets hot in my room during the summer months and the ambient temp shoots way up.

    That's why cooling is extremely important and hence the need for an effective cooling case.
  2. From my opinion, the better the cooling system, the hotter your room will be.

    All the heat transfer from the PC to the room.

    I think the best cooling system will be an Air-con on your room. The closer your PC to the aircon, the better.
  3. I would move your case to the outside of the desk, or cut holes in the desk so the computer can get fresh air. Especially if you plan to OC.
  4. And get killed by the wifey for cutting her prize desk??!!! :lol:
    No - the case has to stay IN the desk - there's too much crap underneath and no space at all.
  5. I love the case listed in my sig, It's simple without to many flashy features but is still extremely well designed. Also it doesn't have an annoying door on the Bezel or bright lights. Good Quality alluminium all around even the buttons are made of alluminium. Not sure if it'll fit an R600 which I plan to get but I can always make some, adjustments :twisted: .
  6. i second the lian li case. theyre well made and very easy to work with.
  7. You could get the best case in he world (unless you are using Phase change cooling) and it would still be just as hot as the cheapest if you insist on putting it in the desk compartment. Desks like that are not made to put mid to high end PCs in, unless you mod the desk for better air flow.
    Lan Li or Silverstone are good quality cases, Thermaltake, Antec, and Coolermaster aren't too bad either.
  8. Agree with the Antec 900. Cool and quiet and STRONG. Did I mention strong. Power supply mounts in bottom if that maters to you. I did not find the HD mounting a problem.
  9. what to look for:

    door fan - i lov door fans- clearance with the cpu cooler and room for a filter
    12cm in and out - front and back (or dual 80's in front and back)

    hdd drive racks face forward so long video cards do not clash - drives run perpendicular to the case

    remove able front face so you can install foam filter


    window location

    what do want see and what not - some cases like antec 900 cover the best part (mobo area) and show the drive bays.


    if you go aluminum - double bar below the psu and above the mobo - much better strenght
  10. Quote:
    A PC dosn't affect overall room temps that much even if it's run under a heavy load 24/7.

    I've experienced that....

    When I use to play on my ol' dell dimension 4550, the room would get quite warm after playin for about an hour....

    I have no temps, but I was starting to sweat...hehe..
    and that was with a new graphics card (x800gto)
    I do believe that my room (with my custom) will warm up a bit with the door closed, but not as much as the dell...

    Hence: "overall"
  11. Add me to the Antec Nine Hundred chorus. I have two and like them more than any case I've ever built (probably close to 100 now). Exceptional cooling and reasonably priced. It is somewhat larger than the typical case and your cables need to be a little longer but it really isn't difficult, just a bit different. Cables route nicely between the mobo and the drive bays.
  12. In a 10x12 room with the door closed 5F and 7F under load. That's a lot to me.
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