Will W2k Pro install on AMD 64 Cpu's?

Will W2K Pro install and run well on a AMD Athlon 64 3200+ /socket 93 setup?

I have multiple computers around the house, all Athlon athlon Xp's, various speeds, a 1700+, 2500+ and mobile 2600+, and all run well and stable and have given good service - till recently. One is beginning to give some problems(occasional memory exceptions and reboots and it never done that before) . its an old A7X8x mobo( rev 1.4, like 2002 version. good old setup, given great servive but think its startin to go...

I run both W2k and XP but really prefer W2/'SP4 loaded up with all current goodies, Media player9/10, DVD players and current software - and find W2k just quite a bit snappier than XP...

If i start upgradin my harware to the Athlon 64 hardware platform - is all my accumlated software going to run?
Can i just drop the same W2k CD in a Athlon 64 box, boot from it , format, install, and start bulidin it up just like an Athlon Xp box?
How about bootin from a MS Dos 6 floppy?

Are there any special consideration fo the Athlon 64'socket 939 setups?

Thankx in Advance
( Sorry about the cross post in Overclock section, but obviouly i'm goin to a little overclock on any new setup)
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  1. Win 2K is just like installing Win XP. As far as 2K is concerned, you have a fully-functional 32-bit processor. No special considerations are necessary.
  2. Thanks, and I Like it....

    I also checked Mogo Mfgrs like asus,abit, and they supply oem mobo drivers for Nforce 4 mobos and integrated devices - so it's lookin good.
    Asus even supplys oem drivers for:
    Win9x / Win98SE / WinME / Win2K / WinXP / Win2003 / WinXP 64bit / Win2003 64bit
    for most S939 mobos.

    Bet W2k is really Zippy on a A64 3200+.
    Am gonna go for it!

    (an i like your signature, except i heard it like:
    If ya make software even an Idot can use, only an idiot will use it! )
  3. Oh boy, it sure does!

    Replaced the shaky old mobo with a tom's budget special, a AsRock 939DualSataII, a Athlon 64 3500+ and a gig of Kingston ddr400 and even got lucky. I removed the old mobo drivers from the disk before replacing the mobo, then replaced the mobo,and fired it up- what luck I didnt even have to reinstall Win2k, it figured it out on the fly and booted up finding new hardware as it went - What Luck!

    And the 3500+ is Zippy....
    So most definitely Win2k runs fine on athlon 64' s
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