Free email account that works with outlook.

I want to change from my regular email which is still Juno to a free account that I can use with outlook.
It seems with hotmail and yahoo you have to have the pay accounts to have Outlook be able to use them.
Does anybody know of any free email sites that would work and maybe some info on the differnce between Outlook Express and Office Outlook.
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  1. You need a POP3 email account. You should find a few if you google.

    GMail is very popular. I personally use Your ISP may also have given you a POP email address when you signed up.
  2. GMail works great with Outlook. One of the greatest features about the GMail POP3/SMTP servers is that when you send out emails from Outlook through Google's STMP server, it keeps a copy of it on their online servers so you can see that item in your sent-items folder in the browser view. The reverse is also true: Sent an email from the browser view, and the next time you do a send/receive in Outlook, that sent-out email will also be downloaded (you may want to set up an Outlook rule that move emails that you sent <To field = your email-address> to your sent folder, cause it'll download them to your Inbox). Plus with 2 - 3 GB of storage space, there's rarely a need to actually download and remove the items from online storage.
  3. I got it and it does work great. Now how is it that I get outlook to check if i have mail even when the program is closed? I set it to check offline in the send/recieve section but if I get email it wont tell me till I open the program. I waited even a day with it set to check every min.
  4. As far as I know, Outlook has to be running... when you check off the offline options, that only applies for when the computer isn't connected to the internet... not when Outlook is closed.
  5. You need a small application to check POP accounts running. I used to use NFMail - try googling for it.
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