windows home media edition 2005 (very slow on boot up)

i did a huge mistake, i had to rebuild my aunts hp pc.
she bought a new home media xp cd with license key.
I rebuilt the pc, with the cd's.

This is my next problem, every time i complete a windows update, one out of the 19 downloads hinders my boot process for winxp. I cant figure it out, so i decided to share this HUGE TIME CONSUMING problems with you. she is all over me "when can i get my pc back" believe me i dont want it!!

I will be researching the forum to see if i can find a fix.
please assist ---
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  1. Can you elaborate on this "hindrance" affecting the boot process? What exactly is happening during bootup?

    Until you discover the problem with that update that seems to be causing your problems, you can opt to simply NOT download it. If you're allowing Automatic Updates to do its job, you can select 'CUSTOM' instead of 'Express,' and you will be able to UNCHECK the update if you suspect it to be the source of the computer's problems. Which update is it?
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