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My son has a Duracom PC (out of warranty, figures). The original hard drive went bad. I Replaced hard drive. Set bios to boot from CD-Rom. At boot I get option to recover win98se or winme. I choose either OS and it begins to check drive integrity and performs drive formatting. Once this stage is complete all stops and the error I get is "Invalid Volume Number cannot proceed". I have installed win98se from an old oem cd I have, but I would prefer to use the master recovery disk to re-install winme using the COA on the PC.

Recovery Disk Info:
Recovery System
Modem Drivers
Sound Drivers
Video Drivers

Any suggestions would be much appreciated,
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  1. If this master disk is from the manufactuer then you may be out of luck on getting it to restore. Many times those disks are set to a specific hardware config. Many also just copy the backup partition off the hard drive. Since the org. drive is no longer there than it cant find the files.
    Contact the manufacturer and see if they will be any help.
    Otherwise you may have to purchase a new copy of windows.
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