help!! QUAD 6700 with no IHS is this safe?

Hi there..i bought a used mobo/cpu from a friend with a case..
i just bought a zalman air cooler since he gave me his stock..
when i took his hsf off and tried to put the zalman on..i noticed that
the bracket to hold the 775 socket cpu was removed...and the quad
6700 had no IHS.. i managed to slowly put my zalman on..and now im hitting 38-39 C idle...and 51-55 on heavy loads.. no OC.
Is this a safe setup? shouldnt there be a IHS to protect the quad core?
dont want to lose my money cuz of it...any ideas?

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  1. Imo the heavy zalman on the CPU without IHS is not a good idea, I suggest you not to move your computer, ie on LANparties etc, because it may damage the cores...the temps seem to be o.k.
  2. Well its not gonna be moving thats for sure..
    is there a place i can buy an IHS and install it..if thats even possible?
  3. What exactly is an IHS, intel heat spreader?

    I see people talking about them everywhere and I have no idea what it is?

    Your friends sold you a top of line comp...or at least processor...what did he/she upgrade too?
  4. AMD has them too- Integrated Heat Spreader :-D
  5. Oh lol...

    So what is the IHS...just the cover over the cores, the top of the processor?

  6. yah its top of the line..he's getting an xps laptop...
    im just worried that the thing wont live long...with the IHS off..
    i see articles about people who OC doing it all the time..the thing is it my ZALMAN 9700 too big for it? so far its holding on 39-41 depending on the fan speed...even when i play heavy games like
    F.E.A.R ..which is mostly GPU issues...
    oh..its on an ABIT AW9 mobo with ddr2-1000 (yah pc 8000)

    so no complaints performance wise..just worried about the longivity
    8O :?
  7. that gives me some relief..thanx man..i'll look into water cooling...
    do you have any suggestions to ones that arent overboard in price
    since buying this cost me an arm and 2 legs...
  8. thanx again..i'll start searching next it better to return my zalman and just save up for the water cooling instead...70 bux and then maybe in 2 weeks i'll shell out another 80 ...saw some water cooling options for 150 dollars at frys...then again i got 2 weeks to return maybe i'll hold on to the zalman for 2 weeks then return it..
    just wish i can remember what that type of water cooling was..

    thanx again guys...made me feel a bit safer (stress stress)
    8O 8O 8O
  9. god thats making me drool looking at actually fits in the case
    ...the price ...well...makin my mouth go
    so i take the 150 dollar thermaltakes are bad?
    or just need more work?
  10. thanx for the education..appreciate it.
    there's alot of interesting options...but like u said that one u suggested
    seems most appropriate...what would be ur second choice if you had to?

    p.s. peanut butter comment..too much sugar
  11. is an LGA775 without the lid anything like an Athlon, the way they packaged it bare with the 4 round foam things to rest the heat sink on ?

    just wondering if any of the modders have used a similar approach on lidless Pentium's.
  12. there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY your C2D chip doesnt have an IHS.

    IF you have a NON IHS C2D please have your friend PM me on how he took his off sucessfully.

    ONLY AMD chips or OLD P4 chips can have there IHS removed safely. Intel uses a metal Sodder on the DIE directly to mount there IHS.

    That is why i said ITS IMPOSSIBLE for you to have a non IHS QX. If it truely is a QX without IHS, then by god, go over to and TELL US how you pulled it off. You'll be a legend on that forum if you pulled it off sucessfully.

    As for now, i highly doubt your friend gave you a QX without an IHS. I think your getting something mixed up.

    That shiny thing reflecting is the IHS. As i said its impossible to remove without breaking your DIE. Many have tried, a lot of dead X6800 chips are in the landfill as a result from it.

    I think your friend either
    1. is a genius at removing it
    2. lied to you straight up saying its a QX. You might have a mobile C2D which naturally comes with an IHS missing.
  13. heh... taco show me please :D

    I prefer my IHS nakked. So far from what i was reading, the sodder melts at around 90C. i think.

    So you would need to heat the chip to 90C and then pop it off without cracking the DIE.

    NICE.... lol... i dont think the owner would of sold a IHSless QX, to a beginner. That would be like me dropping my entire setup on my brother.

    But yeah op, Taco is right, a QX should have 2 dies ontop of the PCB. If your thing is really IHSless, then you should see 2 dies if its a real QX
  14. It has 2 dies...and it is's my cpu'z report for validation

    plz tell me if this is wrong..i'd love to kick him in the nuts if isnt..
    but yah..i dont want to open up the thing and take pictures of it
    but i can tell has no IHS..and i did see 2 dies on the top of the PCB
    thats why im worried the zalman was gonna be too heavy...
    i might get a water cooler in the next 2 weeks based on taco's recommendation..when i do..i'll take pics and post them
  15. No IHS is better when it comes to cooling since the cpu cooler is in direct contact thus heat transfer is better. But without IHS is bad since it's not protected at all. Too much pressure on that chip and it will crack or dislocated it so to speak. Make sure you're cooler is snug and evenly tightened. Support the cooler to the case to minimize the movement.

    That is kind of odd you QX6700 don't have a IHS. I read some reviews that some people and trying to remove IHS from Core 2s and failed, ending up damaging the chip and not running at all. The original owner must be a hard core enthusiasts, taking out the IHS and exposing the chip. LOL.
  16. yah i have it snug..i had to make sure it wasnt gonna move or slip or anything so i made sure its ok...i hope it can hold for 2 weeks at least
    till i get th water cooler..he is into modding i just want the thing for my 3D work..and occasional far i had no problems..temps are holding from 38-41 on idle depending on fan speed.. and to 55-60 on heavy loads..also depends on fan speed...
    didnt know the QX6700 was hard to remove the IHS..guess i gotta
    give him more credit than i thought..but my only concern is..
    IS IT SAFE!! if not..i better sell it to some OC'er who'd appreciate it more
  17. lol i dont think he'd mind if your ok with the
    im actually gonna go with your suggestion taco..that box u showed me
    had some good reviews..and seems like it'll fit perfectly in the case..
    the theory of it being a chiller more than a water cooler makes it even more worth considering.
    Never thought the QX would go that high in temps..guess i should thank him

    (any buyers...full system with 2 gigs of ddr2-1000 and abit mobo) lol
    (will not ship to nigeria..) ... damn dont know if im joking or serious now
    8O :?: 8O
  18. oh well..better i find out now than later...thanx for the update..
    yup after that last post..i know im a noob in this field...
    just got off playing fear right now and although its not heavy in cpu load
    the temps were 50 C i guess so far no threat.

    again thanx for all the update guys...i might be able to sleep tonight

  19. sounds good with me the way obi one! i have the force
    but dont know how to use it...(ok going overboard

    no rush though..i need a few weeks b4 i can buy it..but still thanx for
    the help.
  20. Done! :)
    was thinking that i got it sitting flat
  21. yah...i need some sense at least to keep this working
    or the wallet wont stop

    I'll keep looking at water cooling solutions..and post them
    if you dont mind i'd like to post them here for suggestions/approval
  22. hey..just a thought..i know i might be wrong..but
    isnt it extra weight to have it on the side with the Zalman sitting on it now
    with gravity..compared to fixed hanging on the side? it wont slide now..but doesnt it mean its more weight?..maybe i should turn the case the other way around and let the zalman hang upside
  23. Wow, I've never heard of anyone stripping the IHS from a s775 CPU and the thing still working before.

    I want one :D
  24. lol ..dunno if i should be laughing..but thats whats scaring me..that
    everyone is saying its impossible..and no one did it b4..yet..this
    cpu is working fine...i did a stress test with orthos and temps went to 55
    did another stability test with everist 100% load on all cpu's
    and still 55 C...benchmarks seemed good too...the quad keeps coming up
    on top of almost everything even the quad xeon (everist benchmarks 2007) this the first 775 socket (core 2 duo) that works with a stripped IHS
    in history.....or....(fill in the blanks)
  25. heh, this is gonna be my last post on this forum. I just finished helping out the last two members, and there idling at 25C and loading @ 43C on 1.45V.

    So ive done my job.

    Anyhow op, thats seriously a nice chip you got there if the IHS is removed.

    Lemme tell you one thing tho, i hope you spreaded the AS5 or whatever tim you used on the DIE directly. MAke sure you dont blop it like you would on a normal IHS'd cou.

    And yes you need a waterblock now. There used to be serveral incidents where people hacked the IHS off AMD'd and used big typhoons. The pressure on the corner of the die would crack and destroy the cpu.

    You need to put less torque on your board now that the die is naked.

    And definitely, you could probably double what you bought the cpu for on if you wanted to sell it. Every phase junkie on that forum is looking for one.
  26. now ur talking aigomorla..i might post it there and
    im not into OC'ing so no use for me..but also i dont want it to die..
    yes i did put ARCTIC SILVER 5 on it...the thing was almost the same
    stability with the original fan on it.. (cooler master) still big
    but not as heavy as the zalman..should i put that back on? or is the
    zalman ok for now

    again guys..thanks for the constant input.
  27. hmm so AC5 isnt top of the line? lol
    my temps are its getting to 37 C idle..guess something
    is going right..the thing worried about taking it off and on again
    i feel i should just wait and leave it as is till i get the water cooling
    i'll talk to him and see if he lucked out or not...i emailed him last night
    but the dude seems too distracted to this point i might
    even just sell the thing if thats a good deal..since i know i'll never
    overclock it..shelling out another 2-3 bills doesnt really make me feel
    happy about the deal..although u guys seem to say otherwise..guess
    thats the line where newb's and experts
  28. an extra 300-400 above the water cooled price? or is it gonna balance me out even? Seems im learning about the OC world the hard
    yah i've been reading reviews and they all say the QX is usually a hot
    temperatured far i got no heating problems from it..its just the
    fear that it'll die on me with no IHS is whats scaring
  29. ai ya yai yai
    now im so lost..its really nice..gotta give it that...i guess shelling out an extra 300 to keep it happy is the best solution..the other thing is the ram ddr2-1000 aint cheap...this is making it a tough call..
  30. 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O
    i see dead

    taco your not trying to turn me into an OC'er are u? lol
    RAM is something i want to venture in later as i know the more ram
    the better for my 3D last machine(for sale
    was a 4600x2 with 4 gigs ram on xp 64 it was hassle
    but the render times on the quad are so sooooo off the scale compared
    to that..but i can only shell out a few bills for either water cooling
    or the ram..seems to me the Water cooling might be more important now
    since im already getting better render times.

    (whats scary is i got pumped up on imagining 8 gigs of ram on this board)
  31. Your actually lucky that he did that for you. Congratulations, you are now experiencing 7-15degC lower temps as compared to if you HAD the IHS on. And, as long as you have the cooler mounted reasonably tight, you can move it.
  32. doesnt overclocking shorten the life on ur cpu and makes the system unstable at high levels? dont get me all for more power..its just that u dont want ur system to crash while rendering some scene for 12
    my hard drives are sata 2 seagate (2) and 1 hitachi ..all on 3gb/s transfer
    but dont u think its a better path to get the cooler first..then think of the ram? yah the more i read the more i see the benifit of the non IHS thanks for confirming it too.
  33. cool then thats the path for me..i've been wondering about the raptoprs for a while first thing is to save up for the u said
    keep it safe and happy then use the whip to make it run faster..
    guess this is the 101 of overclocking

    again thanx for ur constant help..glad not everyone on these forums
    launch into flame mode like in other posts.
  34. ive been reading this site for the last 5 years..just never joined the posts..
    but yah..its good that not everyone is like the.."some" we both seem to

    is there anything i should check on the pcb and the die themselves to
    see if there was any damage done?
  35. how about the Corsair Nautilus
    saw someone with a qx6700 in a newegg review and its giving him good cooling?
    what do ya think?
  36. ok scratched that thought... what would be the best 150 dollar range
    solution at the i can do buy that today....
  37. I actually saw the big water at frys...i can pick that up instead of my zalman...then save up the rest for getting a raptor....good plan?

    see if there's one near u...fry's is good...just careful with the refurb/open items..dont trust those...unless its a sale..frys has normal prices..sales are huge sometimes... its good for those that hate waiting for things
    to be delivered.
  39. yah..sometimes fry's helps...its a love/hate thing with them..
    sometimes they suck...big time..sometimes there worth it..
    i just read some of ur answers in other posts..ur sorta pro/anti big water.. are u suggeting it as the only best thing in that price range?

    is this the same one..i saw the big water at if it'll save me time
    on shipping and handling then i miget get it..if this one i linked is ok
    for 100 bux..might be even better...
  41. nice setup..but a bit too a casual gamer so i only have the 7900GT which handles what i need it to...other than that maybe just
    some moderate OC since it'll be able to handle it.

    still ur setup looks nice.
  42. performance is always good..but if ur on a tight budget...ur limited in ur option...still would be nice to get stability and more speed out of it.
  43. sometimes i think i should just trade it in with anyone who has the same cpu with an then i think of the over
    i do what u do too..had alot of cheap stuff to keep the good things
    running in the inside...finally upgraded the mouse and wanted to get
    another 19 inch LCD...for my dual view..right now i have 19 + 17 inches...and its a big ugly..but'll do for

    watercooling then raptor....(gonna take a while)
  44. Here's a question..since my setup isnt for OC..maybe slight..but mostly not...isnt it better just to get any decent watercooling just to keep the weight off the cpu. I mean since no IHS..and any moderate cooling to keep me in the 36-40 idle and 55-60 load is more than sufficent till i do a major upgrade in the future?
    i guess im saying any water cooling that cools like a HSF level as long
    we're taking the weight fear off the system...(hope that was clear).

    i read some reviews about the big water 745 and alot were saying some stuff about the coolant being cruddy/buildups of algae... and sometimes
    loud and u still suggest it over the nautilus and the galaxy 2?

    (frys has an easter sale today and im trying to make use of it and buy anything now to keep the stress off the cpu)
  45. hmm
    well of the 3 which has a better chance of handling quad core ...
    the zalman so far is doing great..its just the fear of the weight crushing
    the PCB is whats bothering me...dunno which one i read..i think
    someone had a quad core and said it was doing fine.. one more thing
    do u suggest i use the same coolant or get a better one (that is algae resistant)..
    ok noob part i need to put some AS5 paste or is there some
    special thing for liquad cooling?

    thanks again man..u've been great help.
  46. I think i so both items at frys..i'll make sure to pick them AS5 isnt the god's gift that everyone makes it sound to be?
    I think ur right about the use radiators..should be the same problem..i guess someone didnt do something right and ranted on the TT instead...any last minute suggestions..or warnings? sorry u dont live near this area..woulda bought u lunch for all ur help :)
  47. yah..the solid color would be not a fan of widescreen (for some reason..just dont like
    but if i had to go with either i'd go with the samsung ..not only cuz of its stats..but i dont like the control panel in the front...i like the feel of getting the full space of the monitor and no panels(controls) showing...other than that..viewsonic is known to be a champ in monitors... but samsung aint a bad brand either...i guess samsung would win my vote in this one.

    i wont eat a taco till im done setting it
  48. well besides the need to take out a couple of HDD (since i have 3 and 1 burner) ..everything is nice and dandy...stable 39 on idle and 55-57 top on full load (mostly 55)...i do need to take out the few drives since its
    like a bowl of spaghetti now with all the tubes and
  49. lol more wires
    nah so far im what are the odds of this thing leaking? lol
    didnt think it would be that easy to set it up..but it
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