Hi, I would use some help:
Will an Asus en7900GT Top (256MB) work with an Asus en7900GS Top (256MB) in SLI mode? I'm asking it because the have the same characteristics, but 7900gt top dissapeared from the market and was replaced by 7900gs.
THANKS a lot.
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  1. No, you would need two of the same family of cards. If you already own a 7900GT, you will need another to go with it. However, you can pretty much mix and match the various brands. I'd recommend eVGA, having had good results with their cards.

    Have fun with your SLI.

  2. Would they even work if the clock frequences and memory frequences are different. And what would the differences between 7900 GS and GT be?
  3. I think you can use SLI. I heard for different cards to work, you need to put the SLOWEST card in the FIRST slot. Then the FASTEST card in the SECOND slot, that will make the fastest card work at the speed of the slowest card and act like the same.
  4. Thanks, Slim!
  5. You are welcome

    Please tell me if that worked for you so I can make sure Im right :)
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