How to change default file location?

Greetings all -
My network admin had the bright idea of changing my default file location from c:documents and settingsmyuseridMy Documents to a network location, and implementing a forced file synchronization - presumably for backup purposes. Brilliant long as the machine's connected to the mother ship.

Trouble is, I'm on a laptop - so when I'm not attached to the corp network, the machine hangs trying to connect to a drive that isn't there.

I'm sure this is controlled by a registry setting. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Only time I change the default location was with an unattended install script. It worked as a global settings, that is it applied to all user accounts.

    It caused nothing but trouble.


    Anyway I searched my registry for "C:Documents and Settings" and it is hard linked all over the place.

    I am guessing no single registry change is going to fix your problem.

    Plus some programs are not going to store the path they use in the registry, so even if you change every reference you might not correct them all.

    For example firefox uses its own config file rather than the registry to point to the default profile folder.

    But this is mainly guesswork. I fixed by problems by rewriting the unattended install script and doing a clean install.

    You could try replacing the remote path with the local path for all registry entries, but I would do a full backup before hand just in case things go horribly wrong.

    Or if the remote drive is was a drive letter you could try creating a local partition with the same letter.

    Anyway good luck
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