My router is acting funny.

Alright i think my router is acting a bit weird lately the one thing i dont get is that how come every time i try to stream and watch a video my router stops my internet connection. am i messing up on the settings? everytime that happens i pull out the plug and stick it back in and it works again and i try to play videos online again and it stops again i still cant figure out this problem. i can play videos on youtube and everything but i cant play videos that uses windows media player. I have a Linksys Wireless router-B

that is the screen shot i took after every time i stream a video.

and my wireless seems to stop every hr or so. i dont know what the problem is so please help? thanks a lot!

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  1. Overheating?
  2. hmm i dont think its overheating becuase its out in the open and its been pretty cold in california lately the router doesnt feel hot. i checked that first to see was that the problem so i moved it and now there is more air circulation but it still does that
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