Modern Graphics card for AGP 2X/4X Tyan S2460 TigerMB board?

I have a pretty outdated Tyan S2460 motherboard for two Athlon MPs.
The AGP slot is 2X/4X universal and currently running ATI Radeon 9800 Pro.
I'd like to make an upgrade for the graphics card, probably the last one before letting it rest in pieces.

All the modern cards are 8X or 4X/8X at best. Which one can I use for my Tyan? I'd prefer 7600GT or 1650XT...
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  1. considering you can only run in 4x max, you arent going to have enough bandwidth to run one of those cards at full potential so youd be wasting your money getting an x1600 or a 7600gt. I had a geforce 6800 running at 4x agp once and it ran like crap compared to when i ran it in 8x. you would be better off getting a 7300gt or something of the sort because thats about the best you can get without sacrificing a huge amount of performance due to bandwidth issues.....

    basically what im saying is now is the time to put it to rest, if you had agp 8x however you could still ride out the system a couple more years, but since you dont you are wasting money on pretty much any card you buy. Even the high end geforce fx cards sacrificed performance due to bandwidth issues with agp 4x, plus im guessing that your cpu will be a huge bottleneck to the card regardless, so even if you had agp 8x it would still chug.

    the radeon 9800 pro you have is probably losing performance also, but i might be wrong
  2. That is not true, AGP4X is plenty of bandwidth up to the X1950Pro, so the limiting factor here is rather the CPU than the video card.

    All AGP 8X cards can run in 4X.
  3. Quote:
    That is not true, AGP4X is plenty of bandwidth up to the X1950Pro, so the limiting factor here is rather the CPU than the video card.

    All AGP 8X cards can run in 4X.

    what he said :)
  4. You can buy X1650XT or 7600GT.
    X1950PRO will be also good choice :)
    But be sure that you don't have any "key's" in AGP! I mean 3.3V key especially.
  5. Dr_Asik I'm glad you were here to debunk EvilTwin17's post.

    To the OP. If you end up with an X1950Pro, pay attention to the card's power requirements. You may need to upgrade the PSU. You will most likely be fine with the 7600GT or X1650XT. If power constraints are an issue, stick with the 7600GT as it uses less power than the X1650XT.
  6. I expect your motherboard has a 3.3V AGP slot, is this is the case the 9800pro is the fastest card that was ever produced that will work in the slot.

    Read the wiki page to understand a little more about power / keys etc..
  7. No, since his motherboard supports AGP4X it supports 1.5V, and all AGP3.0 video cards (including 9800PRo and the new ones) are backward compatible to 1.5V, so there is no compatibility problem. See for details.
  8. Tons of thanks for everyone.

    Physically any 4X/8X or 8X card can be put into the slot. No "key" obstacles found.

    My PSU is good old but reliable Antec TrueControl 550W, currently running at 300-330W, so it should be OK.

    What I really want to know is it possible to ruin/burn the g-card or motherboard when installing newly made cards into this slot?

    And I have no grand plans to play games. Just Vista 3D interface (for programming purposes), as soon as my Radeon 9800 Pro just fails...

    Why I have problems opening the forum in IE7? Firefox and IE6 are OK...
  9. Ok you have an universal AGP motherboard, and they accept just any kind of existing AGP card. There is no risk of damaging the board really. See the link I provided:

    The previous table shows that there are combinations of motherboards and video cards which can be plugged together but do not work. According to the AGP specifications there should be no damage, but the combination would not be compatible. You see people posting in forums worrying about this possibility all the time. There are also stories that you can get some 0.8 volt only cards which are willing to tolerate 1.5 volts but that you really shouldn't plug them into an AGP 4X motherboard even if they work. Given the previous table, the confusion is understandable. But there are two pieces of information which they're missing: nobody makes AGP 3.0 cards, and nobody makes AGP 3.0 motherboards. At least not any manufacturers I can find. Every single video card I could find which claimed to be an AGP 3.0 card was actually a universal 1.5V AGP 3.0 card. And every motherboard which claimed to be an AGP 3.0 motherboard turned out to be a universal 1.5V AGP 3.0 motherboard. It makes sense, if your think about it, because if anyone actually shipped a consumer-oriented product which supported only 0.8 volts, they would end up with lots of confused customers and a support nightmare. In the consumer market, you'd have to be crazy to ship a 0.8 volt only product. And as far as I can tell, there aren't any in the workstation market either. There may be some obscure product somewhere, but I sure can't find any. It's easy to find ones which are mislabeled as AGP 3.0 cards or motherboards but I haven't been able to find the actual item.

    ...That's why "If an AGP card fits in an AGP slot then they are compatible" is actually correct if you only consider stuff you can really buy.

    I am using IE7 and the forum displays correctly, I don't know what's your problem.
  10. OK, if X1950 listed as Universal AGP 3.0, so X1650 also should be.
    Going with 1650 Pro or XT, money decide.

    I cannot log on with IE7, working with Firefox anyway...
  11. Oh my friend has that problem also, the difference being he has Firefox installed and I don't. So maybe Firefox has some integrated IE crapenator device. With all the IE bashing they do, I wouldn't be surprised.

    Just joking! I wasn't able to fix that problem so I don't know. Tough luck with Firefox. :wink:
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