How can i tell if i need a atx Powersupply or a micro atx PS

I"m upgrading my mobo, video card, and powersupply, i'm keeping my old gateway case but idk what power supply the case has, my case is pretty small, but i'm not sure if its micro, my mobo is micro i'm pretty sure.
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    That is the PS i am looking at if it is just a regular PS, looking for good opiinions if you think i should get a better one.
  2. Measure the outside of the PSU for us. That way we can be sure that a new one will fit correctly. Back in the day Gateway and all the major suppliers used proprietary hardware that was impossible to replace; hopefully your gateway isn't from that era.

    What other components are you going to put in the computer?

    That PSU that you have chosen is just "meh." Its not really anything special, and it would probably power your system...(pending components...) but then again, its NOT high quality. Never skimp on the power supply, because if they die, they tend to take the whole computer with them. I would suggest this power supply. It is a FSP 450 watt that is highly recommended on this site.

    I need your new computer component specs to really analyze your PSU needs.
  3. Please, no, dont get an Apevia psu, they're horrible. I second that FSP Group psu, its the unit I was going to recommend to you. Awesome product for the price.
  4. Well i recently built a great gaming system that got flooded, so i have to go back to my old one, but i can't go on pci graphics

    Right now my Specs are
    P4 2.8ghz
    1280mb ram 333mhz
    fx5200 pci video card.

    I plan on putting in a new mobo


    Not sure on GPU if you have recommendations please give

    and then that PS is all i'm changing

    I plan to use my same processor, ram, HD, and case.
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