go with 64

um... well of course you want more pformace .....

i had same thing too

but then i learned spending couple more minutes 2 get 64 bit stuff pays off

but i just try use stuff that are 64 bit...
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  1. How about you provide some supporting info instead of just babbling your opinion?

    Your advice is worthless and doesn't explain anything to anyone.. I hope all our posts aren't this worthless to the readers.
  2. So far they are
  3. Well, agreed...64 bit would be better for performance, but there is hardly any software that is written in 64 bit. To make things worse, from what I have read, the 32 bit software is emulated in the 64 bit OS so you will have a system dcrease in performance. Not that it might be noticeable with a 64 bit CPU but maybe on some applications.
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