All Files Have Become Read Only. Help Please

Hi, all the files in my dads computer have become read only and I cannot even think where to start looking for the problem.

His specs are

Asus A8V motherboard
Athlon 64 3200+
Nvidia FX5200 (128MB)
1GB Value Ram (mixed brands)
Windows XP Pro Media Center Edition.

The tick in the read-only box is grey when ticked, not the usual black. If I untick the box and hit apply it says ok. But when reopend it is clearly ticked again.
Could this be a virus? Is there a setting in the back of windows that can cause this. As far as I can see this has happened to all the files without exception.
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  1. You can see if this helps you:

    This might also help:

    Otherwise, it has never happened to me personally, so I have no hands on to help you myself.
    Wusy, Zoron, Llamaman, or dmroeder might come on later... they are pretty knowledgeable and straightforth... they might be able to help you.

    Good luck!!
  2. I would say it's nothing to be concerned about... considering all the folders I bring up the properties for say "Read Only" and I'm not having any issues.
  3. Opps...
    Here I thought [assumed] the person was having problems with files inside the folders...
    Sorry about the "mislead" Opteron
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