Can't startup after installing Sound Card driver


1.4 Athlon
Asus A7M266
Sound Blaster Audigy
Windows XP Service Pack 2
IBM HD 60gb (split in 2 partitions, 6gbs for Win, 54 for everything else)

I recently re-installed Windows XP SP2. I downloaded the newest driver for the sb audigy from It seemed to download too fast, but I tried it, and immediately after installing, it restarted my computer. And now the computer will not start. I get the first screen where my ram test and cpu speed come up, and then after the "press n for network" screen, everything goes black. I can not start the computer up in safe mode. I've removing the sound card (not sure if it would do any good) and that made no difference. I'm pretty stuck on how to proceed except to reinstall windows. The problem is I'm off at college, and all of my install cds are back at my parents. They can mail them to me, but if possible, I'd like to find a way to fix the computer before then. Thank you very much for any help.
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  1. Have you tried re-setting your BIOS. Usually you can set them to Default or how ever you mobo refers to the original settings If it's a Windows problem, then you better have your parents overnight the disks to you.
  2. Do you have any CDs from which you could boot the computer (for example a copy of Windows that boots from CD)?

    If so can you try to boot from these CDs?

    This will tell us whether it is a BIOS or a Windows problem. If it does boot from the CD then the BIOS settings and the computer itself work fine, and it is simply unable to load windows from the harddrive.

    If it can't boot from the CD either then it is a BIOS or hardware configuration issue and likely nothing to do with windows (as Windows isn't even being used in this situation).
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