Newbie on board. I've read a lot of posts about CRT's and LCD's and I'm almost sold on the LCD. But I have some specifics to be addressed. Care to help me out?
I'm currently studying for my BFA in Web Development. I also dable in Illustrator and Photoshop creating art work for print and web, but not a lot of print. I also do interactive CD's. I'm in the process of building a new PC capable of handling multiple programs (ie: Photoshop and Illustrator and Director) all at the same time without putting too much drain on memory, power, etc. I'll be running XP. That said, what would you recommend, a CRT or a LCD? I have limited desk space and would like 2 monitors (one for tools and desktop storage and the other as work space) or either a real nice size monitor. All in all, I don't want to spend more than $800 to $1000 for the monitor(s), total. Thanks.
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  1. 2X samsung 171P or 172T will make ur mama and gurlfriend drool over your workspace.
  2. My mama would say "nothing's changed" my gurlfriend would probably say, "don't leave your wife, cause I ain't picking up after you". It's my wife that would cry tears of joy if she could even see the top of my desk. Anyway, so much for humor. Thanks for the suggestion. I have read some good stuff about Samsung. What kind of work do you do on your computer? Graphics? Web design?
  3. Nice, a gf and a wife:) LCD would suit your purposes, but please, for the love of God make sure it has an excellent viewing angle, cause I tried photoshop pic editing on a 17" w/ 150/140 viewing angle and after half an hour of eliminting the dark top side of the pic, I realized it was b/c the poor viewing! Also something with good color, and does ur video card have dvi?(may give better image quality). Finally, some are impressed by 300 cd/m^2 brightness, but u'll burn out ur eyes with that. You'll end up using the LCD prolly at less than 200, more like 150 if not less, and then naturally contrast isn't as great. Try to find something w/ not so high a brightness but still an excellent contrast.

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  4. Gurlfriends and a wife, yes, but my wife knows who I sleep with.....her and only her. Have you heard of ViewSonic VPD150 8.4? I just read a good review on it. I've still got a couple of months before making up my mind. I still haven't ruled out CRT's. Thanks for the points. I'll keep them in mind.
  5. O, that monitor's 4 years old. Not a good item to buy. Plus, for your purposes, maybe you ought consider a larger monitor; 17 or 18 inch (1280x1024 resolution).

    My frog asked me for a straw...dunno what happened his ass all over the place :eek:
  6. I am. Anybody else got any other suggestions?
  7. I used the 760V before and now I am currently using the 171P and I LOVE both monitors. Yeah, I do web design and graphics as hobby, not professional here and ocassional 3D Studio Max. That 2 model I gave u are some of the best and finest LCDs u can get in the market rite now and trust me u won be disappointed with them. Samsung is very good and they are the No.1LCD manufacturer in the world. There after sales,tech support and dead pixel policies are also the best among various other manufacturer.
  8. I'm considering the Samsung 760V and I have looked all over the net to find the Response time of the flatpanel and still can't find it. I'm also wondering is it good for games? I'm looking for an LCD with a low response time so I don't get ghosting in games.

    Did you ever play games on that 760V? If so, which ones, and how did they fair out? Thanks in advance! =)

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  9. I would suggest you get 2 CRT. You cannot get 2 good LCD for less than $1000.
  10. I just set my Samsung 170T to run through the DVI input, and OMG the image is amazing. I am blown away by the clarity and vibrance. I vote LCD and the Samsung 170T is one to consider.
  11. biga,

    hi im currently considering the 170T by samsung... how is it playing games and stuff? the refresh rate?
  12. I used the 170T, KDS-Rad 5, Viewsonic VG151.
    Viewsonic had a response time of around 50ms. There was a ton of ghosting.
    KDS-rad 5 had a 25ms it was pretty good.

    170T is a TN or some kind of ACE technology TFT. I don't know if the Samsung specs can be trusted on their website.
    If you go on their website they have the panel at .28mm which is highly unlikely since its a 17 and not a 18inch lcd.
    There is some blurring when action gets too fast. Example. Playing GTA3 when driving car and turning it, the signs on the stores and building blur for a sec until the lcd catches up. I did the same test on the CRT and on the CRT the signs were readable while turning but not on the LCD.
    But this is apprent on all lcd and depends how fast ur computer is, more fps means more delay for the lcd to catch up. But after a while you can get used to it?
    I'm not sure if it's 35ms or 25ms lcd.
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