What router to get?

I'm getting a 2nd computer this weekend and I plan to connect both computers (old and new) to the internet through my current WIRED DSL line. My old computer will be used for browsing and business and my new computer will be used for gaming. So my question is:

what is the best WIRED router for my situation without getting a bunch of fancy features that I'll never use? The main thing is to have a fast throughput so that I don't "feel" the router's presence.

(I'm not interested in getting wireless. Both computers are desktop pc's and will sit on the same desk so I'm sticking with a wired set up.)

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions! :D
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  1. What is the make and model number of your DSL modem. If it already contains DHCP server functions, you may only need a switch.
  2. My DSL modem is a Cayman 3300 series made by Netopia (earthlink issued modem that came with my ISP service).
  3. I contacted earthlink support and asked them if a router would work with my modem and they said yes. (and then, of course, they tried to upsell me on their networking service for a monthly fee. :roll: )

    So my question remains. What's a good choice for a fast and reliable wired router for connecting two desktop pc's? (sans all the fancy multimedia stuff that i don't use.)
  4. It looks like the Cayman 3300 series has a built-in router. So if you wanted to keep it simple you could just add a switch, any 10/100 or gigabit switch.
  5. okay, so i went back to earthlink customer support and asked a different rep about my modem and this time asked more specific questions. my specific modem, which is only issued by earthlink, does not have an internal dhcp server/router.

    it might be true that the other versions of the cayman 3300 series do have the dhcp server functions but the one that motorola makes exclusively for earthlink, the netopia 3341-elk, does not.

    so the rep told me that a switch would not be sufficient and that i would need to use a router.

    so for anyone who is using the cayman 3300 series dsl modem, if you got your modem through earthlink then you probably need a router, otherwise, if you have a non-earthlink issued cayman 3300 series, you may be okay with just a switch.

    without these forums, i would not have known what to ask or look for. thank you guys :D
  6. If you want a really fast router; one which would probably be overkill for most domestic internet service at present -- the D-Link DGL-4100 / DGL-4300 are generally well-regarded and liked by owners. They also get you internal gigabit networking.

    As with many such products, often you're better off getting the wireless version and disabling the wireless if you don't want to use it. The wireless often doesn't cost more; you get more choices and availability with the wireless versions, and additional flexibility down the road if you change your mind about wireless.

    If you want something fast and really inexpensive, but not widely used / available, consider the Airlink101.


    If you want something affordable and very widely used, and even upgradeable with several third-party firmware options, consider the Buffalo WHR-G54S or a Linksys WRT54GL. These are a bit dated, so aren't as fast as the D-Link, but are generally more than fast enough for conventional internet. Again, esp. with the Linksys running stock firmware, you should disable the wireless if you're not using it.

  7. Based on it's straight forward functionality and user-reported easy setup and reliability, I decided to go with the Trendnet TW100-BRF114


    My needs are very basic and the reviews on newegg for this model are exceptional. :D
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