Monitor blinking out for a couple seconds after I boot up??

This build is only a few weeks old but lately I have notived that after the machine has been booted for a minute or two the monitor goes blank for a second then comes back on. This will happen once, sometimes twice a few seconds after the first. If it blanks for more man a couple seconds I will get the no signal message on my monitor. It always comes back but its making me worry if my video is going to fail.

Anyways I have a DS3 rev 3.3, E4300 @ 9x333, Sapphire X1950XT, Hanns-G 19" widescreen.

I am using the catalyst 7.2 drivers. Everything has the latest drivers.

I will try setting back to default clock speed but my temps are pretty good. But since this is happening before the computer case even has time to warm up I really dont think its a heat issue.

I have all the exteraneous ATI crap turned off in system configuration utility. So that at boot the only thinks I have in my tray are zonealarm and NOD32 virusscanner.

I am also wondering if not letting the ATI catlyst control center start up at boot may be a problem. Is the video card looking for something that may not be starting that it wants???

Anyways let me know if anyone has had the issue, if it is an issue, and if there is a fix taht you know about.
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  1. My 1800xt does the same thing. Catalyst 7.3 are out since yesterday.
  2. got the new drivers and seems to work fine but I still have the same problem. Did it today about 5 minutes after I booted up. Screen blanked out twice, 4-5 seconds each time, about 3-5 seconds between.
  3. i have a similar problem with my system. but in my case the monitor goes blank not at startup but after the system has been in standby for a while.

    the screen goes goes blank. when i turn the monitor off and on again the screen comes on, but after a few seconds goes blank.

    the only solution seems to be to turn power off for around 5 minutes. then when i turn it on it stays on.

    havent found a solutions yet
  4. Mine seems to do if after I have been booted to the desktop for a least a couple minutes. So I know everything is loaded and processes. Although I cant say for sure it seemed like the last time I was just sitting at the desktop and I opened IE. after the page loaded it did the blanking out thing.

    I will have to stat writing down when this happens and what I was doing. to see if I get a pattern.

    Is it possible the vid card is switching from 2D speeds to 3D speeds and back?? Cause the screen to blank out? It may be something totally different too. I may need to shoot the PCI or memory slots with air. Maybe a dust bunny or a hair is causing an intermittant. I know for a fact that human hair is conductive.
  5. Try to run JUST the drivers no CCC..... CCC tends to check the video outputs on startup. This can cause the screen to blink 1 or more times.

    Let me know how it goes.


    if you want to turn off the 2d/2d clocks i believe you can stop the ATI hotkey poller service from computer management => services. this will waste some extra power and create more heat. but it if fixes your problem is most likely worth it.

    I also notice that ATI has made the 2d/3d speeds take a little longer to change so when you alt tab out of a game and back in quickly(less then 30 sec. lets say replying to a message. but that what xfire is for) it does not clock down then up....just stays up.
  6. I've had a similar problem for a long time. I was told that it was caused by the OS getting in sync with the video card and the monitor and not to worry as long as the screen comes back on quickly. I can't say that I'm happy with that answer, but as long as everything settles down and works, I leave it to one of the mysteries of computers and the Windows OS. Now I just turn on the computer and go get a cup of coffee while it does its thing. Then I don't see the blanking.
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